spain holograms

Spain’s Hologram Protesters are Not a Good Thing

I’ve expressed and demonstrated many times the refusal of First World people to actually engage in struggle against the bourgeois state. The hard left in the First World is near useless. Primarily this is due to its extreme sectarianism, great theoretical weakness, focus on identity politics, general delusion of revolutionary work where there is none, and most of all a lack of necessary material conditions for radical action. However, sometimes I come across things that shows a real unwillingness to even try to challenge the system. Continue reading


Who Do The Democrats Truly Work For?

Any member of the Democratic Party will tell you that the party is “progressive”, or that they’re “pro worker”. Of course to any class conscience worker this known to be a fabricated lie. The Democratic Party will always preach non-revolutionary class struggle but will always fall short of their promises, either that or be replaced with the Republican Party. But the what makes the Democrats fall short on their promises was revealed. The scandal that of more importance than Watergate flew over the radar when Senator Elizabeth Warren made a call to break up of the largest US banks.

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