02-09 Beyoncé Panthers Tribute was Not Revolutionary

Beyoncé Panthers Tribute was Not Revolutionary

During Super Bowl 50, the singer Beyoncé carried out a performance which featured Black Panther Party imagery. It was done in the context of an entire song criticizing much of the African American history in the United States. Artistically, it contained imagery of revolution by dancing in an X formation spoke of us of Malcolm X and the Black Pride movement. (more…)

02-07 Kevin Rashid- A Complete and Total Liar

Kevin Rashid: A Complete and Total Liar

Once again, I have felt the sharp end of the desperation of First Worldisim. “Kevin Rashid” has penned a blog post attacking me in one of the most dishonest ways I’ve ever seen. In true NABPP-PC style, he makes assertions while back nothing he says up. For brevity, I’m just going to jump right into it without making a huge presentation over it. (more…)

Tell the Truth about Fascism

Time to Tell the Truth about Fascism

We are Marxists, we’ve lost tens of millions of lives fighting against fascism. Obviously, we’re against fascism, there’s no communist in their right mind that would possibly support it. However, I do see a problem. In our zeal to destroy the fascists, we tend to forget to tell the truth about them. We do a great disservice when we do so. (more…)

00-00 The Undrinkable Well of Marxist Discourse

The Undrinkable Well of Marxist Discourse

Over the last few years I’ve noticed something very disturbing taking place. The level of debate in the Marxist community has steadily gotten worse. It seems like every day debate seems further and further from people’s interactions. There has been a tremendous erosion of communication between people and groups. In the last few years (more…)

01-10 10 Things First Worldists Do Wrong

10 Things First Worldists Do Wrong

There are many problems with First Worldism in general. here are a few things that immediately come to mind that they do wrong, yet seem completely oblivious of it. It is wholly anti-scientific to continue using the same failed theory over and over again when it is proven to be a failure. It is absolutely essential that we correct the incorrect theory. (more…)

01-05 Marxists Defending the Oregon Militia

Marxists Defending the Oregon Militia?

Several days ago a group of right wing militiamen stormed a building on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon. The group is engaged in an armed occupation claiming to be opposing the U.S. government for perceived violations of their rights. They have also made the demand that two rancher brothers convicted of arson, (more…)

00-00 South Rises Again- American Nuclear Christianity

South Rises Again: American Nuclear Christianity

I and other Third Worldists warned of a rising fascism in the United States as a response to crisis and hyper liberal identity politics. Our theory holds that as the advanced countries enter into crisis, they march towards fascism, not class conscious revolution. With each passing day we continue to be proven correct. Donald Trump as a powerful force in the country (more…)

12-23 Who Fettishsizes the Third World

Who Fetishsizes the Third World?

Criticism and self-criticism is a large and necessary part of the Marxist tradition. It is only through investigation and introspection that we advance theory, and correct our mistakes. In our time today, it’s been forgotten about. Marxist groups across the world are standing around scratching their heads asking themselves where we have to go from here, (more…)