07-21 Correcting Tim Worstall of Forbes on Venezuelan Food Shortages

Correcting Tim Worstall of Forbes on Venezuelan Food Shortages

Preface: A few days ago I began an exchange with Tim Worstall over his article on Forbes regarding the food shortages in Venezuela. I noted that his work did not include an explanation for the shortages, nor did it acknowledge the economic warfare going on in the country. He simply refused to admit there was imperialist tampering in the country. So I’d like to respond to him here in detail.


South Korea Exposed Abducting Children from DPRK

Ko Hyon Chol, defector to South Korea who was arrested for committing an anti-DPRK hostile act on the instruction of the South Korean puppet Intelligence Service (IS), was interviewed at the People’s Palace of Culture here on July 15.

Present there were domestic and foreign journalists, members of foreign embassies and international bodies here and overseas compatriots staying in the DPRK.
Ko spoke at the interview: (more…)

07-02 What  is Global People's War

Global People’s War: An LLCO Theory

I have no authority to speak on behalf of the LLCO. But, I think it’s important to promote a correct line they have. Understanding the theory is important.

What is Global People’s War?

Global People’s war is an idea that was created by Commander Prairie Fire of the Leading Light Communist Organization. Essentially, it updates Mao’s theory of People’s War, expanded upon by Lin Biao,  and applies it to our new reality.  Lin Biao saw the great divide that was beginning to mark the world in the mid 1960s. During that time there were a great many wars of liberation being carried out across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. All of these countries had a common goal: defeat imperialism, national liberation. He saw the great divide that was taking place in the world. Lenin said that imperialism was the primary contradiction – this remains true today. (more…)

07-02 Espresso Stalinist- Simply Not Capable of Debate, Honesty, or Adult Behaviour

Espresso Stalinist: Simply Not Capable of Debate, Honesty, or Adult Behaviour

After having shown the massive non-sequitur that his blog post against Third Worldism was, Espresso Stalinist went full hurt feeling mode and proceeded to attack me personally. I expect no less from him. But, I’d agree with him, he’s not on my level. He’s far below it. He’s a coward who talks like an expert yet avoids principled debate. He accuses me of personal attacks, yet that’s all he’s ever done to me. He’s carried out all kinds of slander attacks on me, yet accuses me of doing it. I’d remind him that I’m the one open to debate, he is the one who refuses to do it. Nothing is more pitiful than a sophomoric  pseudo-intellectual regurgitating Stalin, only to answer with personal attacks. Again, I expect no less from him. (more…)

07-01 Espresso Stalin Shows His Ignorance and Dishonesty Again

Espresso Stalinist Shows His Ignorance and Dishonesty Again

Espresso Stalinist has made yet another one of his completely ignorant sophomoric attacks on Third Worldism. In doing so, he makes the usual errors he always does. The same that all “Hoxhaists” do. Simply thump the writings of Lenin and Marx like a Bible and say anything that disagrees with them is revisionism. Espresso Stalinist, and the APL in general, continually spread the same falsehoods – this post is no different. (more…)

00-00 Socialist Equality Party and the Stanford Rape Case

Socialist Equality Party and the Stanford Rape Case

There’s a group of Trotskyists out of the United States called the Socialist Equality Party (SEP). The group recently published a piece condemning the public outrage over the conviction of Stanford University freshman Brock Allen Turner. As you may recall he was recently convicted of sexual assault. Why sexual assault and not rape? Because he was convicted of, “assault with intent to commit rape of an intoxicated person, sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object, and sexually penetrating an unconscious person with a foreign object.” [i] According to California law, this is not rape, although it has the same effect on the victim. (more…)

06-08 Overtime Work and High Unemployment- An Explanation

Overtime Work and High Unemployment: An Explanation

Very soon I’m going to put out a book which attempts to explain Marxist economics in as simple a way as possible. This book I’m going to offer for free as an ebook, only requiring payment to obtain a physical copy. I’d like to share a portion of it now to answer a question that I have been asked in the past: “Why are there people working overtime while there’s high unemployment?” The answer, in a general sense, lies in the relationship between variable and constant capital. In the process of creating value, and the intensification of efficiency, there is a tendency to push some workers out of production, while causing the remaining to put in an increased effort. (more…)

05-30 No, Hating the Kardashians is not Misogynist

No, Hating the Kardashians is not Misogynistic

One of the largest obstacles to revolution in the First World is identity politics. This phenomena seeks to build a political line along one’s identity. This is all well and good for liberalism; but for Marxism, this simply will not do. We support the immortal science revolution that lives in a constant state of flux as the world and material conditions around us changes. Our ideology cannot be based upon identity. It must be based upon a correct scientific understanding of the material conditions we live in. This is the only way for us to proceed if we are to unravel the contradictions that make up capitalist society. (more…)

05-23 Book Review- Oil and the Global Capitalist Crisis by Caleb Maupin

Book Review: Oil and the Global Capitalist Crisis by Caleb Maupin

Oil and the Global Capitalist Crisis by Caleb Maupin is a speech he gave to the Second Congress of the Trade Union Center of Brazil on February 25th, of this year. His work adequately lays out how the international oil companies have influenced the world economy in their favour. How they’ve destroyed entire economies, and had millions killed to pocket more profit. Big Oil has used its power to shape history  and determine the course of many countries. How capitalism itself is a power that wrecks havoc in politics and self-determination. All of it, in the name of capital. (more…)