How Michael Jordan Didn’t Disprove Marx

I was just surfing around the internet the other day and came across this article from a UK online right-wing rag “New Statesmen”. I’ve left a link in the description. Apparently its writer Robert Winder thinks that Michael Jordan disproves Marx’s Labour Theory of Value. I know I know it sounds pretty stupid. Although he does lay down a pretty good argument… If you have no idea what the Labour Theory of Value is. This is exactly how he puts it:

“…Michael Jordan was paid more money for endorsing Nike shoes than the company’s 30,000-strong workforce of cobblers in far-off Indonesia. It seemed, on the face of it, exotically indecent – a really dismal unfairness…. But who was being unfair to whom, exactly?… the value of the shoes clearly did not reside in the industrious care that went into their manufacture. No one wore Nike trainers because they admired the artistry of those quick-fingered Indonesian stitchers. If anything, Jordan’s fee was an understatement of his value to the company…. thanks to him that those busy Indonesians were employed at all.”

Basically he’s saying that because Michael Jordan is famous and tells people to buy Nike shoes, he’s added value to them. How ridiculous is that? Michael Jordan added nothing to the value of the shoes. The materials contained in the shoes, the labour that goes into the shoes and the usefulness of the shoes are what give it value. Michael Jordan did nothing to add any value whatsoever. If anything, he merely made the shoes more expensive by adding his “indecent” (to use Robert Winder’s own words) pay check to it. But this Robert Winder thinks the Indonesian sweatshop works added no value at all, what an asshole.

Robert Winder says that if Michael Jordan hadn’t endorsed the shoes, the Indonesian worker’s would not be working at all. Apparently this so-called writer thinks that without Michael Jordan people wouldn’t be buying shoes. Hell, he thinks people wouldn’t even be buying Nike shoes. Newsflash Robert Winder, people still need shoes even if Michael Jordan doesn’t whore himself to Nike. And Nike would still be selling shoes if Michael Jordan had never existed, because Michael Jordan had nothing to do with the creation of Nike.

Take it from me, I don’t like Michael Jordan and I still buy shoes. This is the single worst attempt at disproving Marx I have ever seen. This is absolute fail. Robert Winder, quit your day job and go do something else. If this is the best you can do at disproving Marx… You fail at being a writer.