How I Practice Feminism in my Daily Life

I don’t know if I’m even allowed to say something here on “how one practices feminism in their daily life”. I was not invited to do so and I’m not a member of FeminisTube. But, I suppose I could say something anyway.

I must admit, this video is going to get a ton of hate messages from the anti-feminist losers who are going to post all kinds of insulting idiocy. But they probably won’t post much outside of their usual commie/faggot/Jew repertoire. Not many men are willing to say something along the lines of supporting feminism.

In antiquelens’ “practicing feminism” video she mentioned how men were not really interested in saying anything. I however am. And I think it is important for men to welcome and contribute to the feminist movement. It is absolutely necessary for men to do so. You always need to opposite side to join you when you want to create change.

African-American slavery didn’t end until other white people started realizing slavery was wrong. The Russian Revolution didn’t take off until people who were pro-imperialists joined the Bolshavicks. Women didn’t start to get the vote until some men (a small number) started supporting them. So as long as the other side tries to ignore the issues, or stand against them, victory is not possible. Any man who believes (I mean really believes) in equality for all people’s show support feminist movements.

What do I do to practice feminism in my daily life? Well I do very simple things, or what at least should be simple things. I don’t purchase or view pornography anymore. I have only Nuclearnight to thank for that change in my own consciousness. Only two people have ever affected my life in that manner, Mao Tse-tung and Nuclearnight. I will always be grateful to you for having changed my consciousness for the better.

Aside from refusing pornography, I endeavour to always treat a woman’s opinion as valid as the next person’s. Except Phyllis Schlafly and Ayn Rand, but not because their women. Phyllis Schlafly is an idiot and Ayn Rand is sociopath and a propagandist.

Anyone who knows me knows, I’ve worked in the security field for almost 10 years and have been successful at it. Security, as one might imagine is a very heavily male dominated field. It can get very dangerous, I’ve had people I know get stabbed with used heroin needles. Women in the security field have had a difficult time being looked at as valuable as men. And I’m proud to say that women have made up some of the best security officers I know. I’ve always endeavoured to treat women in that field with the same respect and confidence that I would have given any male security officer. It’s about knowledge and commitment, not muscle, although muscle helps a great deal.

One thing I do, just because it irks me so much… I would never buy a prostitute. For all my own failings when it comes to meeting women, I will never lower myself to purchasing a woman. Not just the shear wrongness of it, but I mean, I will never be so low as to say I need to purchase a woman because there is no redeeming quality about me that a woman would find attractive. God that just feels so wrong as to NEED to buy sex.

I suppose in the end I never really did much in the way of supporting the feminist cause. I treated women as human beings just as I would have treated anyone else who was a human being.