I Have More in Common than Different

I was thinking about ideas to make videos on. While searching my mind for these ideas I came across an old memory, a memory of racism, but also of unity. I relived this memory and decided to share it with you. I remember back when the Caledonia standoff in Ontario was taking place.

If you are not familiar with the circumstance I’ll tell you. There was a dispute over a land claim.  The contract concerning the area in question was in serious doubt. On one side was a condo developer who said he purchased the land from the government. On the other side were the original owners of the land. Well, you can guess whose side I took.

I remembered when I commented on someone’s video where the police were in a standoff against protesters. I made a statement in support of the aboriginal people, and someone said I should side with my own kind. Stick with your own skin because it’s us against them.

To him I said… fuck you.

There is no us against them, it’s a lie, it’s a divisionary tactic. An artificially generated perception claiming that the poorest and most powerless people in our country are the great enemy against us. I’m not falling for it. You will never make me believe that a poor man is a greater threat to my existence that of a wealthy man.

Don’t tell me that some indigenous person fighting for their land is different than me. Don’t tell me that a group of mistreated marginalized people fighting for a dignified life is going against my interests. The last time I checked I too was fighting for a dignified life. We both have the same goal for ourselves. We are not stopping each other; you are stopping both of us. Only you the elite want us without dignity, so that we may both submit to your interests. We are both in the same struggle.

Don’t tell me that you and I are allies because we have the same skin colour. We are enemies because of your hateful racist ways. Your ignorant support of divisionary tactics keeps us from fighting the people who are oppressing all of us. You’re scum for that.

I am no different than they are; we have the same enemy and the same objective of having a dignified life with meaning and value. We both want to live in a world of peace. We both want to have a safe and welcoming place to raise our children, so that they too may have the best quality of life possible.

I have more in common with any poor First Nations person than I will ever have with any rich white man. Will I be given a better wage by him because of my skin colour? No, he’ll pay me a little as possible just like any First Nations person. Will he be any more likely to let me marry his daughter than a First Nations man? No, because to him we’re both lower class garbage. I am no more valuable to him than any other working class or poor person.

Don’t tell me who my enemy is. Don’t tell me that some First Nations person is my enemy. I know damn well who my enemy is. I know God damn well it’s you, and the rest of you unity destroying puppets of the ruling class!

I have more in common with any poor First Nations person than I will ever have with any rich white man, or racist piece of garbage like you!