Socialism Breeds Happiness

Ask yourself this, why is there so much unhappiness among you? Why is the richest country in the world the one with the most unhappiness? It’s a fact that has been known for such a long time.

Increasing numbers of people are reporting difficulty receiving or affording medical care or paying their rent or mortgage payments. More Americans faced problems with collections and credit agencies, or had mortgages, loans or credit card applications denied.

The most capitalist country in the world has the greatest unhappiness.

Socialism can change this dramatically. People under all of this stress feel powerless. They feel powerless because there is nothing they can do about their situation. All power always has and always will lie in the hands of those who control the economy. Whoever controls the economy controls the society. And it’s well known that we have no power, not even our ability to vote gives us anything.

This powerlessness comes from our inability to wield any power economically. We don’t wield any power because we live under capitalism; and under capitalism only the wealthiest people have any power. We are ruled by the Law of Value, we only have any value as human beings so far as we can enhance the wealth of another. That wealth which we generate for someone else, gives that person power not ourselves. We subordinate our power to someone else. No wonder we feel powerless.

The only way to eliminate this sense of unhappiness form our lives to, is not just know, but to demonstrate power over society. Since economic power is societal power, the only way to achieve this is to democratize the wealth and the society.

How can one speak of democracy when the power is concentrated in the hands of the wealthiest?

A perfect example would be the democratization of the work place. When there is no longer a boss and the factory is run democratically, those in the factory will all have a say in what happens and what direction the company goes. There will be no big boss in the large corner office referring to us as parasites leaching off his wealth. It will be our wealth in our hands making us the deciders of our fate. With us ourselves in control we can be sure we won’t send our own livelihoods to Mexico or China.

People will be happier because they are being heard. Their opinion in the operation of their work place and the economy, through participation in it, will create that power we lack now. We will know we matter as human beings, through choice and power, and that we are not merely subject to the whims and the greed of the more powerful.

And we will only attain this is through our unity under socialism.