Toronto Star Propaganda Campaign

As anyone who regularly checks out the various newspaper media outlets in Toronto has noticed, these so-called newspapers have been on a blitz the last 2 months. That blitz has been to attack and to destroy municipal jobs in Toronto. A deliberate smear campaign has been launched by Toronto media in order to degrade city workers. Sun Media and the Toronto Star have been the worst perpetrators of this blatant propaganda campaign.

For over two months now these papers have attacked not just any group municipal employees. They’ve only attacked the municipal workers that have not agreed to wage and benefit cuts. This outlandish and very clearly class oriented bullying has had one main target, the Toronto Transit Commission. By Toronto Transit Commission, of course, I mean the low level workers, not the top brass who actually make decisions.

To demonstrate exactly how blatant these attacks have been, consider this: One the cover of the Toronto Sun was a picture of a TTC employee supposedly sleeping with a headline declaring as much. Funny thing is, you can’t actually see the employee’s eyes. It actually appears as though his feet are just up on a desk in a subway kiosk. Usually you get some kind of evidence before you are accused. (Supposedly, although that requirement has been steadily disappearing since 9/11.)

Now consider this, even if he was sleeping, exactly why is a low level employee falling asleep on the job worth the front page of a nearly provincial newspaper? Was that the single most important issue facing the people of Ontario that day? Despite the continuing wars in the Middle East (including the now seemingly ignored Iraq war), corporate mismanaging of the economy, trade deficits and street crime… Some low lever employee supposedly falling asleep on the job was front page material. You couldn’t get anymore transparent Sun Media.

The Toronto Star fairs no better in this attack on the working class. Almost every day the so-called newspaper takes the time to slander the TTC employees, but only the working class ones who refused to take pay and benefit cuts. Never the people who make the decisions, only those struggling to get by.

Even worse was the “editorial” on Tuesday April 20th claiming that TTC employees were racist, sexist and outright hateful people. The article claims that TTC employees constantly harass and degrade its users. However, when it comes to their “examples” of incidents they had this to say:

“The vast majority of the more than 300 written complaints obtained by the Star – among more than 2,000 last year – paint a picture of a transit system troubled by a culture of indifference and distain toward customers.”
– Toronto Star (April 20th, 2010) “Crude, rude TTC staff top list of complaints”

Wait a minute, did you notice something weird about that statement by the article? A “vast majority of the more than 300 written complaints”. How many is that? Since the article deliberately doesn’t mention the exact number, let us say 250 complaints about rudeness. Out of how many complaints last year 2,000? Well I guess 250 is a majority of 300, but certainly not a majority of 2,000. That would actually be a very, very small minority.

Nice try Toronto Star and especially you Robyn Doolittle author of the article; to try and make a mountain out of a mole hill. Take say even 300 complaints out of 2,000 and painting it as a majority. Even if all 300 complaints were about the TTC employees being rude, that’s still only 15 percent of the complaints filed last years. This is a very sneaky trick to try and “paint a picture” that shows the majority of complaints made against the TTC was about its union employees. That’s Fox News level lying.

So why would the Toronto Star deliberately misrepresent the number of complaints against the employees? Because the Toronto municipal government like just about all governments have been consistently attacking all its union employees.

With effects of the global recession caused by the wealthiest people in the world, the ruling elite has decided that the working class who has no power over the economy must pay for the shortages. The choices made by the financial elite will be rectified with the money and living standards of the working class.

The Toronto Star (along with all capitalist media) is nothing more than a propaganda rag aimed at smearing the TTC union with the intent getting support for an intensified attack on the living standards of its employees. And you Robyn Doolittle are a pathetic excuse for a journalist.