Why I Hate You

I am going to try and explain how I fell about this. I really don’t know how to express myself properly. I’m about to say nothing you have not heard before. A speech expressing how much I hate you. How much I would love to see your blood upon my hands. To simply watch the light die out in your eyes. To simply be the instrument of the end of your soulless genocidal arrogance.

I hate you conservative, right winger, capitalist, whatever you want to call yourself. I hate the smug look on your face, and wish nothing more than to tear it from your flesh. I hate you so much I want you exterminated down to the very last remaining cell. I want you purged from existence. I want my children to grow up laughing at the thought that people like you ever existed.

The amount of pain you cause this world is astounding. The human misery you have caused, the lives you cost is nearly immeasurable. And even I have catalogued a mere billion myself. The true scope of your cold blooded selfish nature will never be known, for it it extends so wide that it is incalculable by any human conception of thought.

The “virtue of selfishness” that you espouse so much, is the sheer epitome of everything that has ever been wrong with us as a race of creatures. This world is in so much pain because of you, because of your own arrogant belief in your own self-superiority. I have no compassion for you, I would celebrate your deaths with toasts for upon a better world.

Your “virtue of selfishness” is repeated to yourselves as a mantra over and over again, to assure yourselves you are doing the right thing and that you are not the monsters you know yourselves to be. Do you really believe you are so great that you believe your own lives are of more value than anyone else’s?

Daily you defend 13-year-old girls chained to desks in many third world countries, abused and treated worse than animals. You care nothing for those children as you would your own. If asked, you would refuse to let such things be done to your own children, but you’ll swarm to Wal-Mart every holiday and purchase the products made by the slavery of other children. In public you might casually mention you are against such a thing taking place, but at no moment do you not stop fuelling it with your money. You care nothing for the little girls forced to work fourteen hours a day so that you can make yourself and your own children look special. You are a hypocrite and… I can’t think of anything lower than garbage to describe you. Only a person who has an “out of sight out of mind” mentality could do such a sociopathic thing.

Does knowingly harming these children make you feel good about yourself? Do you get a sense of superiority from the fact that its third world children doing all this work for you? Does that give you a sense of accomplishment knowing you have subjugated little girls to your advantage? Are you some kind of closet racist that enjoys the subjugation of another race? You’ll say “no of course not, I’m not like that”, but you’ll keep on praising the system that does it. You’ll keep on buying those products. You’ll keep on promoting the idea that pushes people into such poverty that it becomes necessary for little girls to work. You lie to yourself as you lie to everyone else. Because there is nothing virtuous about this treatment of children.

Do you get sense of belonging by trying to ally with people who don’t ally with you? Do you think that by glorifying the most wealthy and powerful people in the world that by proxy you too are glorified? Do you think that by trying to attach your name to, think and talk about how great they are that it makes you great too? When you say the wealthy are awesome because they have so much “ambition”, are you including yourself? Because you’re not one of them. You are not wealthy and powerful, are you lacking that ambition? Do you acknowledge that while we have no power or wealth, that you don’t have any either? If we have none because we have no supposed “ambition”, then that means you have none either. You yourselves cannot not even live up to the standard you believe you are. I guess you can’t, you lack ambition. You unemployment is just the same as my unemployment. Your lack of healthcare is just the same as your neighbour’s lack of healthcare. You don’t have all the material possessions and security your beloved wealthy have… You must lack ambition.

You must get a sense of belonging from it. It would certainly explain why you have such a mob mentality. Thinking about what you are doing must be painful and scary for you… Because it seems as though you don’t so much of it. How else can you explain why you would believe in weapons of mass destruction without ever having been given even a slight piece of evidence, let alone proof of it. Why did you believe it? Because someone repeated a lie often enough for you to believe it? At what point were you thinking for yourself? You didn’t and you already know that. That’s why you get so angry when someone calls you out on it.

The government knowing how bad the aftermath of the Iraq invasion was going to be, ordered the war to happen anyway. They knew, they had reports telling them during the first Gulf War that occupation would be a mistake. It was not a known-unknown as you like to call it. These people order the Iraq War knowing it would cost the one and a half million lives. And knowing the Afghan war would cost the some odd 1.2 million lives it has. Do you think the people who could order the deaths of nearly three million lives couldn’t possibly have ordered the deaths of three thousand lives on 9/11? Do you believe their regard for life is so high that they wouldn’t do that?

You don’t care about anyone. How else could you explain your drive to literally destroy the world? You deliberately ignore every warning sign that the Earth is coming to an end. You will kill us all with your ignorant denial of the actions of the world around you. Why? Because some person you think you’re allied with told you Global Warming was a conspiracy by evil people? Has anyone of those leaders you love so much ever explained why someone would lie about something like this? Of course they haven’t, because there isn’t any real explanation.

You fool yourselves by thinking the drive against the existence of Global Warming isn’t done by the most wealthy and most powerful people. With all the real viable alternatives to using fossil fuels, why are they kept from the public eye so? All alternative fuels and sources of power are very cheap an inexpensive. This means there isn’t a massive amount of wealth to be generated by it. A form of energy that would be available to everyone at almost no cost with no destruction of the planet. That would something great. But to do so would be driving the richest people in the world out of business, and no longer so powerful. Your ignorance is displayed by the fact you see no link to the profit motive. You refuse to see how the wealthy and powerful who own these planet killing fuels try and prevent alternative fuels. They buy off politicians, congressmen and religious figures in order to tell you Global Warming is false. The death of the entire human race, the destruction of the entire world is a worse thing to happen than losing money. There it is the profit motive in all its glory. Something you claim is so great about you, will kill us all. And we have a right to defend ourselves.

You don’t care. You have such a desperate need to tout your own supposed superiority that no amount of human suffering matters. Are you so important that millions of lives are nothing to when compared to yours? I really can’t think of any word to describe you other than sociopath.

“A person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behaviour is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.”

Given your behavior, this describes you perfectly. Everything you believe in is defined by this. This is why I hate you so much.

Go ahead, get mad at me and leave a hateful remark if that makes you feel better. Threaten me if you think it makes you feel tough. You know deep down in your heart I’m right. You have your excuses and justifications ready to defend the kind of person you are. The only person you ever convince is yourself.