Foxconn Lies about Chinese Working Conditions

Exposing capitalist China’s bullshit is a hobby of mine. I take great pride in exposing their lies. And this lie is worthy of Fox News.

For a little while now Chinese workers have been striking like their lives depend on it, and does. These massive strikes have been occurring mostly in auto plants. This occurs alongside a series of suicides at the Foxconn electronic plant. This has caused the media to pay attention to the way young workers are treated by capitalism. Foxconn has pathetically attempted to recover its image by increasing the pay or workers and improving working conditions.

But these lies have been exposed by Hong Kong and Chinese newspapers. On July 4th the China Times told that despite the pay raises at Foxconn, workers were actually worse off than before the changes. They announced a pay raise of 122 percent, but cut over time and created a larger work load for employees. It currently employs 800,000 Chinese workers. These new measures have actually caused a decrease of one third.

A worker told China daily: “After hearing about the wage increases, I was excited for a long time, thinking I could get 2500-2600 Yuan [a month], but the result is no more overtime and the income drops sharply.”

He used to earn 1,900 Yuan a month with overtime, but now he earns 1,300 Yuan. They also increased his workload from 15 to 17 pieces and hour.

This lie was perpetrated by Foxconn for their clients. To protect the image of their clients Apple, Nokia and Sony had their corporate images saved. They have attempted to cover up the reality of human rights abusing sweatshops that these corporations profit from.

Another worker told the newspaper: “I am still required to work 11 hours a day, from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm, seven days a week … Although the company guaranteed at least one day off every week after 13 suicide attempts, the policy hasn’t been carried out. One of the few improvements was that our supervisor broadcast pop songs after we complained that all work and no play made workers dull boys. But even that was cancelled after just a few days.”

The article tells of workers being fined for things that would not even go noticed in our work places. A worker described this: “You can lose points for having long [finger]nails, being late, yawning, eating, sitting on the floor, walking quickly. There’s a whole load of things. Just one point means losing my monthly bonus.”

The retaliation by the workers in the form of strikes has the bosses shaking in their Italian made shoes. The Investor’s Business Daily, on July 2nd, said “China has become a much more hostile place do business”. The paper even spoke of the traditional capitalist fascism that runs China may not be as powerful as it appears. “They have their hands full with a lot of things, and controlling labour unrest is one of them.”

As capitalism tightens it’s strangle hold on the people of China, their resistance can only grow stronger. The exploitation that lead to the Chinese revolution is emerging once more.

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