Competition Laws are Necessary

Stateless capitalists/tea baggers claim that competition protecting laws actually get in the way of competition. They believe that any hindrance to creation of wealth is wrong and infringes upon their sacred right to accumulate profit. However simultaneously, they believe that competition is paramount to the accumulation of wealth.

The history showing that capitalist competition creating monopolies is long and well documented, thus we do need competition laws. Laws that do in fact protect the ability of capitalists to compete with each other. I will give you an example of why it is necessary.

American television producers can create television shows of better quality and cheaper than Canadian television producers. This happens because American television producers have access to a much larger market with greater prospects for profitability. Canadian television producers on the other hand have one 10th the market.

So when Canadian television providers decide what programs will appear on their channels, which programs do you think make it? The American program that has already been produced and proven a success, or investing in a new program that has a low potential for a profit?

The Canadian Radio and Television Council has a regulation mandating that 30 percent of a broadcaster’s content must be Canadian. Without this, we literally would be without any Canadian content. Thus no Canadian company would be able to compete within our own country.

That is a good example of why we need competition laws.

One thought on “Competition Laws are Necessary

  1. Good example with the TV channels. I used to be a film/entertainment industry major at my ex-university (hence my youtube username) and we talked about this kind of stuff all the time. Producers for TV shows and film distribution companies NEED to rake in all the dough so they’re afraid to take risks on anything they feel won’t get a lot of ratings or moviegoers. So they eagerly dish out the same overly-manufactured crap again and again. Same thing with music. Good artists get very little radio airplay because major record companies PAY radio DJs to primarily play big-name artists signed to their label. Though this is kind of dying out with stuff like the internet and how a lot of bands become successful by starting off on MySpace or Youtube. Still, attention needs to be drawn to the overall system.

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