Utah Cowards Attack Immigrants

The right wing has once again shown their cowardly and xenophobic nature. The hatefulness that drives the anti-immigrant movement has again manifested itself in the most disgusting and fascist of ways. An anti-immigrant group in Utah publically released a list to law enforcement, the government and the media containing 1,300 alleged illegal immigrants. This list contains personal information like Social Security numbers, birthdates, addresses, phone numbers and where they work. These people have gone so far as to broadcast the names and due dates of pregnant women.

This was put out by a group calling themselves “Concerned Citizens of the United States”. In a message to The Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the group claims that they have not taken any action against the accused illegal immigrants. They say this information was collected by “legal Mexican nationals” who have investigated for them.

The list of names was sent to ICE along with this message:

“To the elected officials, we would ask that you remember who you work for in this country—you work for America and for the citizens in the State of Utah. You DO NOT work for illegal immigrants who have come into our country illegally and now take advantage of our system. To the media—we would ask that you show the public the names and numbers and ask the question—how much are they costing the taxpayers to continue to support their existence in this country and in this state.”

A local news radio station in Utah, KSL, contacted some people of the list. Some of the people on the list are legal immigrants. One woman said, “I have my papers! Why did they put me on that list? Now, it’s been 15 years since I got my residency.” Innocent people are being attacked by these right wing cowards.

While it cannot be proven, many, including myself believe this list was created by anti-immigrant Utah Minuteman Project headed by Eli Cawley. While they deny any responsibility, a July 2009 City Weekly report showed that they had plans to do just this.

The assault on immigrants since the 2008 economic collapse has accelerated. The Republican Party’s demonizing of immigrants blaming them for recent economic hardships is at the forefront of this movement. All this done to distract from the fact that both political parties have been complacent in the capitalist crisis of the nation. It is only a matter of time before this list leads to violence in Utah the way it has in Arizona.

The publishers of this list are cowards in the truest sense of the word.