Karzai Endorses Permanent Occupation

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has officially endorsed the permanent occupation of Afghanistan by NATO forces. This was accomplished during a meeting of international foreign ministers on Tuesday. They approved Karzai’s proposal for a 2014 date when Afghan forces would lead all security operations. However they acknowledged that the occupation by NATO will go on indefinitely.

He said during the conference that it has been “determined that our Afghan national security forces will be responsible for all military and law enforcement operations throughout our country by 2014.”

This means the withdraw date of 2011 by US President Barak Obama will not be taking place.

As the Washington Post has this to say on Wednesday: “… with the deteriorating war and the arrival of Gen. David H. Petraeus as top commander, officials now expect it will be at least the summer of 2011 before the first provinces shift to Afghan control. The delay has worried some of the Europeans who are eager to show progress to their skeptical publics. To others, it is merely a dose of reality.”

Karzai went on later in his speech to declare himself against corruption and promised to end it. This is a rehash of the old propaganda he’s been spitting since 2001. The fact is Karzai and the Karzai regime has no intention of ending corruption whatsoever. The re-election of Karzai was the single most fraudulent election in world history.

The occupation is falling apart, and because of this the US military will become even more repressive and trigger happy against the Afghan population.

In an example of this increasing resistance to the US military presence, an Afghan army sergeant killed two US contractors assigned by the military to train Afghan forces. The sergeant killed both men and wounded another. The sergeant was killed along with another Afghan soldier when the mercenaries returned fire.

In a public statement the US military claimed this was an “isolated incident”. However this claim is a farce. This incident occurred a week after an Afghan soldier killed three British soldiers with an automatic weapon and a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. One of the British soldiers killed was the base commander. The Afghan soldier escaped and is now living with the Taliban telling the media he did it because British soldiers were killing innocent people.

One thought on “Karzai Endorses Permanent Occupation

  1. I have to think back to the “recent” discovery of all those valuable minerals in Afghanistan, and wonder if Karzai the puppet is allowing NATO to stay in his countrypeople’s backyards as a way of keeping the area safe for corporate interest.

    When I was going to college in California I befriended a few students with Afghan backgrounds. I asked them their opinions on the Afghanistan occupation. They all said, the US-NATO occupation isn’t making things any better for the Afghan people. And the real catch is, most of the “Taliban” fighters the US and NATO claim to be fighting aren’t religious or political extremists; they’re for the most part young people (like 15-25 year olds) who join whatever resistance group is around just to kick foreign occupiers out of their lands. This whole notion that by being in Afghanistan the US and NATO are “stabilizing” or keeping the region “safe” are complete garbage. The longer foreign occupiers are there the more so-called “terrorists” are created.

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