Cancer Rate in Fallujah Worse than Hiroshima

The war crime that was the assault on the city of Fallujah has now been proven worse thanks to a new study. If you remember the assault on Fallujah (April 28, 2003) was a major assault on the population of Iraq. The city is 43 miles west of Baghdad and was a major centre of occupation resistance. This was an outrageous war crime against the people of Iraq.

According to a new study, “Cancer, Infant Mortality and Birth Sex-Ratio in Fallujah, Iraq 2005–2009,” the population of Fallujah has been decimated and poisoned by the criminal actions of the US military. The study shows higher rates of cancer, leukemia, infant mortality, and sexual mutations. Levels that are even higher than those experienced by survivors in Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings in World War Two.

The study detailed how bad things have gotten:

– The rate of leukemia is 38 times higher.
– The childhood cancer rate is 12 times higher
– Breast cancer is 10 times more common than in populations in Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait.
– Heightened levels of adult lymphoma and brain tumours
– After 2005 the ratio of girls born in Fallujah has increased. 1050 boys for 1000 girls to now with 860 boys for every 1000 girls.

At 80 deaths out of every 1,000 births, the infant mortality rate in Fallujah is more than five times higher than in Egypt and Jordan, and eight times higher than in Kuwait.

The new public health study of the city now all but proves what has long been suspected: that a high proportion of the weaponry used in the assault contained depleted uranium, a radioactive substance used in shells to increase their effectiveness.

Chris Busby, a professor of molecular biosciences at the University of Ulster said, “To produce an effect like this, some very major mutagenic exposure must have occurred in 2004 when the attacks happened. We need urgently to find out what the agent was. Although many suspect uranium, we cannot be certain without further research and independent analysis of samples from the area.”

In October of 2009, several Iraqi and British doctors wrote a letter to the United Nations demanding an inquiry into the proliferation of radiation-related sickness in the city:

“Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs. In addition, young children in Fallujah are now experiencing hideous cancers and leukemias.…

“In September 2009, Fallujah General Hospital had 170 newborn babies, 24 percent of whom were dead within the first seven days; a staggering 75 percent of the dead babies were classified as deformed.

The criminality of the US military and the US government is immeasurable. This is one of the worst war crimes committed in history.

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