PROOF Afghan War is an Imperialist Occupation

The Wikileaks website has released PROOF that the US-NATO war in Afghanistan is an imperialist occupation, a war crime and genocide. The site released 91,731 American military documents that show this to be true. The documents show that popular resistance to the occupation is murdered on site and the capitalist media has been ordered black it out from public view. They also detail how NATO works with warlords and corrupt Afghan officers.

The documents released show that NATO rocket fire last week killed more than 50 civilians, largely women and children, in the Sangin district of Helmand Province. The attack was one of the worst since the May 2009 Gerani air strike, in neighbouring Farah province, which killed 140 civilians, including 93 children and 28 women.

There are also repeated accounts of NATO forces repressing demonstrations, often in close coordination with local Afghan authorities. On May 11, 2005 a unit of Marines reported demonstrations in Jalalabad, in eastern Afghanistan. After requests for help from the regional governor, Din Mohammed, the Marines called in “AH-64s [Apache attack helicopters] for a show of force.”

Under cover of air support, Afghan and UN forces moved against the demonstrators. Though the US military reported 37 Afghan civilians were killed and 10 wounded, it classified the Jalalabad demonstration as a “non-combat event” by “neutral” forces.

On October 4, 2007, the Task Force 373 (a secret death squad) attacked Taliban forces in the village of Laswanday, only 6 miles from Nangar Khel. During a pause in the fighting the Taliban slipped away. However, Task Force 373 called in an air raid, killing four civilian men, one woman, and one girl. Two teenage girls and a boy, as well as 12 US soldiers, were wounded. There are suspicions that some of the Afghan villagers were executed, as one of the men was found with his hands tied behind his back.

Coalition forces initially put out a statement claiming US forces had killed several Taliban militants. A US contingent visited the village and sought to blame the deaths on the villagers. According to the leaked reports, they “stressed that the fault of the deaths of the innocent lies on the villagers, who did not resist the insurgents and their anti-government activities.”

White House National Security Advisor James L. Jones denounced WikiLeaks’ publication of the documents, saying Washington “strongly condemns the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk, and threaten our national security.”

No doubt he’s angry that the War on Terrorism in Afghanistan has now been proven a war crime and there’s nothing he can say to defend himself.

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  1. I figured that you would report this one. It’s about time that Wikileaks exposed the truth about the Capitalist Imperialist war machine that has been looming all over the world.

    I looked at the files too. The US Military must be shitting bricks at this one after knowing that they’ve been exposed.

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