Kenneth Feinberg Works for BP Not the US Government

It has been revealed that Kenneth Feinberg, the man who administers the escrow account set up to compensate people who were affected by the BP oil blowout is actually on the payroll of BP oil. Feinberg came forward and admitted his financial connection to the oil giant, but has refused to disclose how much money he receives as an employee. However it has been revealed that Feinberg is in fact a lawyer for British Petroleum.

This shows the true commitment of Feinberg’s control over compensation claims. As a highly compensated employee of BP you can be sure he’ll do what’s in the interest of BP and not in the interest of those who have been harmed by BP criminality. His employment by BP shows he cannot be a neutral arbiter.

Originally Feinberg declared that he was not going to make public how much money he receives from BP, but has changed his statement. Now he says: “I don’t want to just announce what my estimated salary is for the next few months, I want to give a budget that will include that salary.”

In other words he’s delaying revealing how much compensation he gets from BP until the whole BP mess is expected to be over.

Feinberg himself doesn’t seem to see any conflict of interest in his position as administrator of the $20 billion Independent Claims Facility.

“I don’t see any difficulty in maintaining my independence… Both the administration and BP, frankly, don’t want to get near me once this program is up and running, and they want to—they want to reinforce the notion I’m totally independent.”

Kenneth Feinberg is also a liar. This is what he said after his appointment to the Independent Claims Facility:

“This is an independent, private program… I’m not beholden to the Obama administration. I’m not beholden to BP. I’m an independent administrator calling the shots as I see them.”

As you can see this turned out not to be the case.