Ron Paul and Social Alienation

I was thinking about how a lot of those Ron Paul supporters practically worship RP, and how their worship of the guy reeks of social alienation. I was watching some old videos made by my friend Jonathan (mr1001nights on youtube, he’s the guy who does all the responses to the stateless capitalists) about how people’s worship of Obama during the 08 election was a clear sign of social alienation. Like, all these people who worship RP (or Obama) put all of their hopes on this guy and think all they need to do is get RP elected president, and then if he’s elected he’ll fly down and wave his magic wand and make everything good again. They don’t realize that it’s the people who only have the power to enact real revolution, not some bourgeois politician like RP. And why are they so skeptical about people bringing change? Because one of the bi-products of the capitalist system is people hating other people. The system causes us to be isolated from each other. For example, when I was living in Los Angeles I saw all the gated communities in affluent towns that had little to no crime, and I would question why they’d want to live all locked up like that. But it occurred to me, these people’s lives are their property and material possessions. They define themselves by what they have, like their six cars, huge TVs, all that, so they get extra paranoid about people taking their stuff since their stuff is like their identity. Same thing with all the fatcats who live in my town, only instead of gated communities they live on culdesacs so far off from the middle of town. But it all leads to social isolation, and when we don’t connect with others we find it harder to trust and sympathize with others. So in all of this, I really think the RP fanaticism comes out of social isolation which comes out of the system.

Just something I thought I’d share at 5am in the morning.