Hypocrisy of Stateless Capitalists

Stateless capitalists say Marxism doesn’t work because leaders betrayed communism by pushing through capitalist policies. Couldn’t the same be said for capitalism since the US government (and every government apparently) brought in regulations? See capitalism doesn’t work.

Its revealing when stateless capitalists say a famine in China killed 30 to 70 million people (because they can never get their numbers straight) when the guy in charge of the policy, Deng Xiaoping, was a capitalist pushing through capitalist policies.

They always say that incentive is needed to motivate people to work. But they cry when people who make minimum wage don’t work hard. Or less than minimum wage as they like it.

It’s just downright funny when stateless capitalists complain government regulation hurts business. It’s like they’re blaming the government for their own failures as businessmen. Oh wait, they aren’t, they’re just minimum wage workers with no ambition or high school kids living off their parents.