How to be a Stupid Stateless Capitalist

When replying to a video about an economic formula displaying the distribution of reinvestment capital into variable and constant forms, say something like “way to defend Mao killing 30 million people”. This has nothing to do with the economic formula under discussion. You’re just too stupid to understand the formula and economics which is why you made a comment that has nothing to do with the economic formula. Remember all intelligent arguments can be defeated by talking about something that had nothing to do with the video.

Also be sure to know nothing about the famine itself. Repeat all kinds of numbers claiming a body count even though no one has any numbers whatsoever, not even the Chinese government. But act like you were there and personally took a head count.

Be sure to be ignorant to know the famine was caused by people lying about how much grain they actually produced in order to make themselves look good, and that it actually had nothing to do with Marxism.

Also the man in charge of the famine was Deng Xiaoping, who was himself a capitalist pushing through capitalist policies. So just go ahead and pretend capitalism had nothing to do with it and live in your ignorance of Chinese history.

Another good point is to pretend that capitalism didn’t cause the famine deaths of 80 million people in Bangladesh and British held India. Also pretend capitalist policy from 1947 to 1990 in India didn’t kill another 120 million people.

One main point to keep in mind is to always argue a body count. And always pretend 95 million Native Americans weren’t killed by capitalism and pretend 150 million Africans weren’t killed in the slave trade.

As a stateless capitalist, act like you have all the answers for all economic problems. Bash everyone else’s ideas saying they supposedly don’t work while ignoring the fact that your so-called ideology has no practical experience whatsoever in the real world because no one has been stupid enough to even try it.

Remember all you have are words in a book that have never been proven or even attempted in real life. But be sure to act like they have. And always act like your stupid untested theories are the total truth; even when you have nothing to back it up.

Since you really don’t have an analytical thought, copy and paste everything from the Mises Institute website. There are no other sources for anything you say or think so just use that. And since your ideology has no real world experience, just copy paste. When stateless capitalists serve up food for the mind, copy/pasta is the breakfast of champions.

Repeat these stupid statements as often as possible to prove how smart you are:

China is communist – sure the entire country is privatized and is in the hands of individual businessmen who run it all for their personal profit. This is communism and you should call it that.

“That’s not capitalism!” – This is the simplest easiest way out of any criticism of capitalism. If you repeated this over and over again to everything, you’ll never have to actually defend your stupid ideology. Which is good because you can’t.

America is socialist now! – remember that a system wholly owned by private businessmen, in a market economy, where personal monetary incentive is in control, and where the profit motive runs all… is socialism. Be too stupid to know that socialism is all business run by the state.

Repeat Obama is a communist over and over again while criticizing him for serving corporations. Pretend there is no monstrously retarded contradiction to this position.

Speaking of Obama, use the phrase “secret communist Muslim”. It just a euphemism for the “N word” that you really want to be using.

Always whine and complain about anything that will combat racism while claiming not to be racist. The only thing worse than racism is fighting racism.

The stateless capitalist movement only exists on the internet. You don’t exist in real life; you’re only angry kids on line. We Marxists/Socialists/Anarchists have 10 national parties. The communist party of Russia is the countries’ third largest party. The communist party of Japan is the countries’ third largest party. Where is the stateless capitalist’s party? Nowhere. Oh wait, Ron Paul is a Republican, so I guess your party is the Republican Party.

When replying to this video be sure to attack my appearance as often as possible. Sure, this has nothing to do with anything I said, but you can’t defend your fucking stupid ideology anyway so you might as well go ahead. Use the insult “you’re fat”, completely ignoring the fact that you come from that fattest country in the world.

You could also say something like “your a kid that lives at home” or something like that. Don’t bother checking to see the channel page where it is clearly listed I’m a stone’s throw away from 30 and probably almost a decade older than you.

Another good reply to make that has nothing to do with what I said is to tell me to leave America and go to if I hate it so much. Be sure not to check the channel and see I don’t live in America. Never at any point consider leaving America and moving to Somalia if you like stateless capitalism so much.

I don’t hate Americans, just your fascist government and you.

Oh try insulting the flag behind me, its fun and easy. But then again you have that stupid snake flag that says “Don’t tread on me”, while your country treads on everyone else’s.

An easy way to insult me without acknowledging the content of the video is to call me a Jew. Whenever I point to blatant racism in the stateless capitalist movement, so many of you retards calls me Jew proving me right. Ignore that fact that I am Sami, meaning I am “non-visible minority” and an indigenous person. Actually, Jew will be fine.

If you leave a hateful comment I will remove it. Be sure to claim that I don’t believe in freedom of speech. Remember to be too stupid to understand that you have your own channel on which you can say whatever you want. Also remove the comment I make in reply that reminds you of this.