Public Opinion Turns on Afghan War

Contributed by RedNickD

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows that opposition to the War in Afghanistan is surging. US General Petraeus is reportedly planning to launch a pro-war propaganda campaign in the coming weeks.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 68% of Americans don’t feel that the Afghan War will come to a successful conclusion despite the fact that Afghanistan has been President Obama’s strong point since he took office and tuned up his strategy. Only 44% of Americans approve of Obama’s job with the war. This is a decrease from March when the majority of people approved.

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has said that the initial troop withdrawals next summer “will be of fairly limited numbers.” Petraeus is expected to argue that the rest of the troops set to be deployed by Obama will not arrive until later this month, and therefore the counterinsurgency campaign needs more time.

Petraeus is setting up “Local Defense Initiatives,” similar to the Community Defense Initiative of McChrystal, which would use Pentagon money to militarize more Afghans to fight the Taliban. This plan, which was forced on Afghan President Hamid Karzai, will lead to a nasty civil war in that country. This plan is similar to the failed “Vietnamization” plan of Nixon and Kissinger.

General Petraeus’ Afghanization strategy, just like its predecessor in Vietnam, will fail. The American bourgeoisie wants to keep fighting in Afghanistan so it can control the oil and minerals of that country, and they will use any excuses they can to cover up their criminal occupation. Don’t be fooled by false flag operations, paid liars on television, and a rehashed strategy that was made to fail.