RevLeft Troskyists are Reactionary Liars

So, the Trotskyists on Revleft forum have a problem with me. According to them I’m a conservative pretending to be a Marxist in order to make communism look bad. Which I think is nothing short of hypocritical considering how many of the Neo-Cons started out as Trotskyists.

At first it was funny to read such comments from the most reactionary Marxists I have ever seen. This from the people who worship a David North in the Socialist Equality Party, who is the corporate CEO of Grand River Printing and Imaging, a company that earns 25 million dollars a year according to its website. An owner of a corporation that separates its worker from its means of production. Of course in the corporate world he’s called David W. Green.

But the outright lies of the Revleft Troskyists do not stop there. Now they are claiming that I steal news articles from the Socialist Equality Party without giving credit. Lying must justify their position as Trotskyists in their minds. I asked these assholes which article I supposedly stole from the “pedophile” Polanski defenders, they were unable to give me an answer.

“One of the ones from the channel that was shut down,” they said.

Oh, so their proof is form a source that cannot be confirmed. Interesting they should point to that channel.

So I asked, “since I have all Maoist Rebel News articles backed up on a 2 terabyte external hard drive, which article was it and I’ll go dig it out of the archives.”

“I don’t remember which one it was,” he claimed. And then proceeded to be unable to even remember what the article was about. Well, so much for being able to back up your claim.

Apparently because both I and Trotskyists are Marxists and have made similar anti-capitalist points on the same issues, that means I’m stealing from them. Basically if I give and anti-capitalist perspective, then that means I’m stealing it. Apparently Trotskyists believe they own the anti-capitalist perspective.

If CNN and FOX news both give a story from the same perspective, then I guess they are copying each other. It’s a wonder Rupert Murdoch and Ted Turner don’t sue each other every day.

After this, some idiot from that forum went onto the Maoist Rebel Theory channel and proceeded to post like 4 messages in the comments section saying how I stole these videos on Maoism from the Socialist Equality Party. Now the idiocy of these people is astounding. The SEP doesn’t have any documents on Maoism. Those videos which speak well of Mao didn’t come from a political party who takes a firm stance against Mao.

I explained to this raging moron that the SEP is against Maoism and that these videos are readings from Mao’s own documents. Mao wrote those, its right in the title of the videos saying that some were from 1953. Well I wasn’t around in 1953. And when I told him they were actually Maoist documents, he then proceeded to claim I stole them from Mao. How can that be if it says right in the video that it is Mao’s documents?

It’s no surprise to me that these Trotskyists would act this way. They are the most partisan and unwilling to work with others. If you disagree with the SEP then you’re the enemy and a reactionary. More reactionary than a corporate CEO posing as a Marxist anyway.