Chinese vs. American Arms Sales

The other day I was kicking around the internet and came across some right wing blog. Knowing full well I shouldn’t, I clicked on it and started to read. After two or three paragraphs into the blog post I started to laugh.

This “Reganist Retard” was actually trying to make the argument that China is bad because they sell guns to whoever wants them. This person was saying China was irresponsible because they indiscriminately sell guns to whoever wants them. Actually this is good thing; this is the democratic thing to do.

The idea that China sells guns to “bad people” is utterly ridiculous. This idea from the people who sold guns to the Contras who raped and murdered nuns in Nicaragua. This from the people who supplied guns to Iran and Iraq. This from the people who sold guns to General Suharto of Indonesia who has murdered millions. Of course this blogger was unable to actually point to a single incident of China selling guns to a group of bad people. All this blogger could do was say, “China sells guns to the world’s biggest criminals”. Way to back up your claim.

I find it hilarious that some right winger would say something like this. Despite all their screaming and crying over gun rights, they certainly don’t like people who sell them freely. Free market second amendment only applies to them I guess. I also guess the real right wing position is to sell guns only to themselves. All their talk about being against gun laws is pure lies. They want to restrict others from having guns. Hypocrites they’re called.

I agree with the right wing position in eliminating gun control laws, because after all guns equal freedom. however when you restrict the purchase of guns to only certain, (ones right wingers find acceptable), you are limiting freedom. So to really stand for freedom you should sell guns to everyone in order to spread freedom to everyone. Or is it freedom for some and not others?

Now it’s well known I have no love for the Chinese government. However I have to go with them on this issue. It’s actually democratic to sell guns to anyone. This allows anyone to use force to defend themselves. As opposed to the US approach which uses gun sales to prop up their 3rd World dictatorships. I guess these people still have a thing or two to learn about democracy from one of the world’s most undemocratic governments.