Accused Terror Cell in Ottawa Raided

So, the Canadian government is claiming to have broken up another terrorist group. This time they are claiming the three men arrested are linked to the fictional Al-Qaida. Not only this link to Al-Qaida claimed, but the RCMP is also claiming that the trio were raising funds to pay for attacks against Canadian soldiers’ stationed in Afghanistan.

“This group posed a real and serious threat to citizens of the National Capital Region and Canada’s national security,” said RCMP chief superintendant Serge Therriault.

“Our criminal investigation and arrests prevented the assembly of any bombs and terrorist attacks from being carried out.”

Thus far the police have not released any of these so called targets. Spokespeople have stated that further details will come out when the trial begins. However during the raid and search of their home they found no explosive devices.

Police did collected 50 circuit boards form the home that they say could be used to fabricate remote controls for bombs. It was stressed by police that these circuit boards could be used to make remotes for “improvised explosive devices.”

What no one in the media is bothering to mention is that these circuit boards could also be parts form a radio, or an RC car or an alarm clock. As usual no specific information is being released. Meaning these circuit boards could have been collected for proper recycling for all anyone knows.

This seems to me to be more scare tactics on the part of the Canadian government. Previous the RCMP has claimed to have stopped a cell of supposed terrorists in Toronto, known as the “Toronto 18”. This group was accused of building a terror training camp in northern Ontario, and collecting fertilizer to be used as bombs. A year after this so-called breaking up of a terror cell, only one conviction was made. It was a single man convicted of saying he wanted to kill Steven Harper. Something I’ve heard many people say. And these men were also accused of being in Al-Qaida.

No actual evidence has been presented that these men are terrorists thus far.

The accused are Hiva Mohamma Alizadeh, 30, the alleged ring leader Misbahuddin Ahmed, 26, were arrested in Ottawa. Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, 28, was arrested in London, Ontario.

Ahmed, a married father of one child, worked as an X-ray technologist at the Civic Hospital in Ottawa. Sher is a McGill University-trained doctor and works as a pathologist at St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital near London, Ontario.

The police said that they have chosen to conduct the arrests now after a year of surveillance on the trio called “Operation Samossa”. The operation was intended to prevent fund raising, claiming that the money would make its way to Afghanistan to purchase weapons to be used against Canadian soldiers. Even if this were the case, the billions in opium trade probably generates much more money for the insurgency.

Police said they have reason to believe that Alizadeh was in contact with a terrorist group in Afghanistan. Of course police wouldn’t say what group, but only that it’s widely reported to be Al-Qaida.

The bias of the government and police forces have shown themselves. Police have made it a point to say that the wife of Alizadeh wore a burka, which is their way of claiming they were Islamic fundamentalists without actually coming out and saying it.