How to Reply like a Stateless Capitalist

Short Videos
Short videos are great; they don’t require any intelligence or thought. This is great because you haven’t used any.

Simple Statements
Use comments like “this guys a joke” or “you know nothing about economics” or “what an idiot”. Be sure to leave nothing that would indicate why this is supposedly true.

Lack Real Life Examples
When creating a video reply, make all kinds of claims about stateless capitalism using fictional examples. There are no real life examples of your system so just ignore the fact you can’t back anything up. Being a ranting theorist without practical experience is just fine.

Repeat Arguments Over 9000 Times
Use the same argument over and over again no matter how many times it’s been proven unrealistic or just completely false. Repeat as necessary until your opponent realizes you’re an idiot and refuses to continue. Then claim the person can’t debate their position.

Lack Real Life Examples
Remember Stateless capitalism has NO REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. Create fictitious scenarios where you’re right that completely abstract from concrete economic reality. Making up scenarios when debating stateless capitalism is necessary. Follow Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged example.

Nonchalant Appearance
Consume food while talking, that way there will be no question as to what a douche bag you are.

Ironic Photo
Make all statements from behind a photo of some intellectual like Spock form StarTrek. Sure the Vulcans, like the United Federation of Planets are/is socialist, but if anyone points this out pretend you’re being ironic.

Barrel Roll
Do a barrel roll, this will confuse any opponent long enough to claim victory over their ensuing silence.

Blatant Racism
If someone like the Maoist Rebel calls you out for having a racist ideology, call him Jew, that’ll show him.

Free Speech Hypocrisy
When someone removes a hateful comment you left on their channel, cry that that the person doesn’t believe in freedom of speech. Remember to be too stupid to understand that you have your own channel on which you can say whatever you want. Also remove the comment the person makes in reply that reminds you of this.

Claim Mao killed 30 Million People
When you can’t argue against something just say Mao killed 30 million people. Never mind the fact that a famine isn’t intentional. Or that Mao wasn’t in charge of the food program, and that a capitalist Deng Xiaoping was. Ignore the fact Mao warned him it would not work. Pretend Deng didn’t publically apologize for it.

Pretend Genocides Didn’t Happen
Never ever acknowledge that stateless capitalism killed 95 million Native Americans to get their land, and continue to do so. Or acknowledge that the African slave trade killed 150 million people to work that same land.

It’s not known how, but it works.

Since you really don’t have an analytical thought, copy and paste everything from the Mises Institute website. There are no other sources for anything you say or think so just use that. And since your ideology has no real world experience, just copy/paste. When stateless capitalists serve up food for the mind, copy/pasta is the breakfast of champions.

That’s not capitalism
Repeat “that’s not capitalism” for every criticism of capitalism. This is the simplest easiest way out of any criticism. If you repeat this over and over again to everything, you’ll never have to actually defend your ideology.

Challenging to a Debate
Call the Maoist Rebel out for a debate, but ignore the fact 5 to 10 people do the same thing a day. When you get turned down, claim he doesn’t want to debate because he supposedly can’t back his position up. And ignore the fact you have nothing at all to back up what you believe in, thus can’t actually debate.

Ignore Critique of Stateless Capitalism
Ignore the Critique of Stateless Capitalism video series. You already know why.

I hope this has been helpful for you.