Capitalists Steal our Achievements

A new book written by Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn has been featured in the New York Times detailing how “good” capitalism has been to the Chinese people. At length these people spoke about how capitalism in China has increased fairness and equality for women.

By their own words women went from foot binding and having no rights to being the main breadwinner in their families from sweatshops along the coastal industrial regions. This “capitalization” of China has brought up woman’s rights, made women equal to men.

It seems as though if you believe this book women went from foot binding to working in factories. They have pretended an entire period of Chinese history never took place. You know that whole period called the Chinese Communist Revolution? Where more than a billion people were united together to work for the transformation of society? Maybe you heard about that?

During the Cultural Revolution it was the Communist transformation that gave women rights, allowed women to be people and not a commodity, gave women the right to own land, gave women the right to be able to divorce her husband, gave women the right to custody of the children. Maoist revolution brought women into politics, helped them have a voice and a say in the running of state affairs. This was accomplished by socialism and Maoist revolution. Not some scum sucking businessman getting off watching women work fabrics while literally chained to a desk for a wage below poverty.

You Nicholas Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn are lying sacks of fucking shit. Where the fuck do they get off writing this blatant garbage giving credit to capitalism for the gains women received under the Maoist revolution. I hope you and the rest of the lying fascists at the New York Times die of AIDS. You fucking deserve it.