Poverty is Force

Some shit head left a message on the “Why Capitalism Doesn’t Help the 3rd World” video saying that 12 year old girls chained to a desk is voluntary, no one forces them to work there.

Are you a fucking moron? If they don’t they will literally starve to death. If both the mother and the father work full time and it doesn’t provide enough income to buy food, then the kid will have to work. You think the threat of starvation isn’t force? And if it truly were voluntary as you so claim, then why are they SHACKLED to the damn desk to begin with.

Do you think poverty doesn’t force people to submit to employment? All the jobs in these places are the same. This is the stupid position stateless capitalists and conservatives have… poverty is a choice. And apparently the majority of the world’s population has chosen it!

They say the same thing here, unfair working conditions? Minimum wage not enough? Just quit your job! Because in the middle of a recession you’ll magically find another one! The market will magically sort that out! Hell, just ignore the reality that jobs, and jobs with a livable wage have been disappearing for 30 years! That’s not true just get another job, its works!