Policeman Guilty of Molesting Children

A Toronto police officer by the name of Donald MacCallum has pled guilty to 10 sex-related offences against children. Eight counts of sexual interference and two counts of sexual exploitation involving 10 girls aged 5 to 15 between 1996 and 2004.

The places in which this molestation took place were on his boat and in his vehicle, carpooling friends’ daughters to various ski hills. The officer lives in Port Credit, Mississauga, Ontario.
– 30.18
There was no sexual intercourse, but MacCallum admitted using his hands to touch the vagina of some of his young victims while they sat on his lap. He also admitted reaching under their clothing to massage some of his victims’ breasts.

In one incident, he exposed himself to another 5-year-old girl and touched her vagina when they were alone on his boat docked in the Port Credit Marina. He took the child so her parents could spend some time together on their own boat.
– 58.07
As disturbing as the sexual assaults were, even more chilling was the fact that many of his victims’ parents knew their children were being molested but didn’t report it. They were afraid of what might happen to them because he was a policeman with friends on the force “with guns,” according to a parent whose daughter was just 5 when she was molested in 1998.

According to one of the parents, “We thought this would be swept under the covers because of who he was. This was a man we trusted. You’re supposed to trust police officers. Who do we tell our kids to go to?”

MacCallum was protected from earlier prosecution by his position as a police officer and his firearm. There have been many previous cases where someone testifying against the Toronto police have been persecuted in violent manners and even harassed with 300 traffic tickets.

The position police officers have as the bodyguards of the ruling class has protected countless officers from seeing justice. This case is one of the few cases in which a police officer has actually been prosecuted.

Even with a conviction of sexually abusing children he is still be protected from the full consequences of his actions. He’ll be sentenced by Justice Peter Wilkie on Nov. 25. Crown Toni Skarica is seeking a jail sentence of two years less a day. And as a sergeant in Toronto’s 22 Division, he was suspended with pay until he retired. Which means this child molester will still be eligible for his pension upon retirement.

The only course of action for the proletariat is to take these cases directly to the politicians and judges themselves and force justice upon these state criminals. It’s time we ended the social conditions that leads to such abuses of power.