California’s Prop 19: Legalizing Marijuana

Before I start I’d like to give a personal thanks to RadicalSyndicate19 for brining this subject to my attention. Thanks man.

As many of you are probably aware, the citizens of California are set to vote on the issue of legalizing marijuana. On November 2nd, voters will go to the poles and decide if they want to legalize the production, sale and consumption of the green stuff. I won’t bother going into the reasons for and against it, because it has been done so many times. And quite frankly to me it has become boring and tiresome.

What makes this proposition a little different than other attempts to legalize marijuana is the impact on the Mexican drug wars. Wars which I personally believe are massively over blown. The War on Drugs like the War on Terror are tremors distractions from the “War on Poverty” President Lyndon B. Johnson declared five decades ago.

President Felipe Calderón chimed in saying: “It’s a fundamental debate… You have to analyze carefully the pros and cons and the key arguments on both sides.” A bland, non-committal politically correct statement designed to give aid to neither side. He might as well have said nothing.

The question that has been posed to me recently is whether or not or how this will affect the drug wars and the illegal drug trade.

Personally just watching other people’s experience with legalizing things, it will have several effects. I don’t think that it will end the illegal drug trade around marijuana. The legalization of anything has never ended the illegal production and distribution of it. Legalizing prostitution has never ended illegal prostitution. Legalizing the sale of alcohol never ended moonshine and bathtub gins.

I do however believe there will be a significant reduction in illegal marijuana trade violence. Which is a good thing; no one wants that at all, not even dealers themselves. So while this will significantly reduce the amount of violence concerning the drug trade, it will not end it. The illegal trade will always sell the same product under the going market rate. And of course it will make available different kinds of marijuana that won’t be available in stores.

But hopefully this will end much of the violence.