Recent Tea Party Election Victories

To anyone paying attention they’ve noticed the recent Tea Party electoral victories. Specifically candidates Christine O’Donnell in Delaware and Carl Paladino in the New York. This represents in many people’s eyes a resurgence in right wing power. A statement that I personally find humorous. It is scarce finding a moment when the right didn’t have a strangle hold over the nation. The right never went away, they just kind of turned away from the Republican Party.

So many of these rightists had turned towards Obama because they were duped into change the can believe in. The election of Barak Obama was no victory for the Left at all. We’re still actually waiting for a leftist candidate to appear. The fervour toward Obama was measure of his “advocated” change, but of a rejection of the rightist policies held for the last 8 years. That seems to be forgotten by all those now turning toward the Tea Parties. Those same people screwed you for almost a decade under Bush and now you run back to those same people with open arms. Expecting to be welcomed like lost brothers. It’s almost sickening how quickly you jump ship based on mere perceptions of electoral stances.

Even sadder is the astoundingly ignorant belief that these Tea Party groups are grassroots movements. When the major supporters are former and current Republican candidates you can hardly call yourself grass roots. When your movement is advertised and outright kept afloat by Fox News and major media outlet, you can hardly call it grassroots. Perhaps the money funding it doesn’t really come from the oil industry brothers of the Koch family. Oil industry funded grass roots… you must be truly delusional.
And hypocritical given the Koch family owes their family fortune to Stalin and the oil infrastructure development of the Soviet Union. Or their billion dollar fertilizer contracts with Italian and Venezuelan owned state companies.

I have scarcely seen more pathetic tools.

Even the Obama “change” fanatics knew they were swept up in a major political party. But it seems the tea baggers, (an ever so appropriate name), don’t seem aware of their latching onto the corporate breast.

All these Tea Baggers scream and rabble against the corporate machine and against the establishment. A position they have wholly stolen from us. They seemly angrily unaware that they are mere pawns of the ruling elites they so adamantly cry against. These ruling elites who own the Tea Party movements have made almost no effort to conceal this relationship, yet the Tea Baggers seem blissfully unaware.

Their anger at the Wall Street bailouts and anger at the pro-business health care so-called reform are all right wing policies. These measures are totally in line with the corporate, right wing ideology. Now they balk and scream as though the left is responsible for corporate welfare. Not to mention the god damned immigrants, gays and abortion rights.

They scream in demagogic unison to cut all public work sector employees. They demand cuts worse than the Obama administration has carried out. Their ignorance is simply astounding.

Carl Paladino, a Tea Bagger who claims to stand up for the little people, and then goes back to his mansion. After all, Paladino is a multi-millionaire real estate tycoon, even as he holds himself up as a champion of the lower class. (Excuse me as my laughter makes me choke on my grey pupon.) He blasted his electoral opponent Rick Lazio for being a former JPMorgan executive. Lazio received a $1.3 billion bonus in 2008 when JPMorgan was getting a bailout of $25 billion dollars.

When Paladino won he declared so proudly: “Tonight the ruling class knows. They have seen it now. There is a people’s revolution.” [laugh] I swear the tea baggers must have some form of retardation. How convincingly have the rich called for class war against themselves. Listen tea baggers, class warfare should be left to those who have class consciousness. Not little tools that lack a conscience.

I swear, you could put a tea bag around the neck of chimp and these tea baggers would get in line to salute it. [Nazi salute]