Maoist Rebel vs. RevLeft Round 2

So it appears that Rev-visionist Left wants to go for round two. Well, I’m game if they are are.

This is the message they’ve left on their message board this time:

Some of you may recall that in a recent dis video, “MaoistRebelNews” lashed out at “Revleft Troskyists” who accused him of using material from the WSWS in his videos without giving credit. While dodging the accusations, he implies in this tirade that the videos containing WSWS material are no longer available but only exist on the archive of his deleted channel. Well, I considered it doubtful that he was able to produce new videos without stealing so I browsed through his uploads and lo and behold, easily found some examples of him still taking entire articles from the WSWS. To cover his tracks, he changes a few words here and there, starting with the first sentence – but it’s a sloppy job and entire sentences remain intact. Is this simply a gigantic, logic-defying coincidence? I think not.

This should silence those who still defend and apologize for this weasel.

Dis video? Who the hell still uses the word dis? And how was that a “dis video”? You made claims about me plagiarizing from the SEP and asked you to come forward and mention a single article that was plagiarized. But you never did, not one single article was pointed to. And as we can see you’re doing the same thing here again. Making the claim something is stolen, and still not backing it up. You’ll notice he still doesn’t mention a specific video, just like before.

You made the accusation that I stole articles after they were gone. Coincidence hua? Just like in my last video concerning this pathetic attempt to discredit me, I asked him to point to one article and I’ll pull it out of the archives. And still he can’t do it. More talking out of the ass from RevLeft.

I was sent a message about this and given a link to the actually post this is from, but it doesn’t work for some reason. Anyway, I’m taking the word of the person who sent me this message. You still haven’t posted a single example of me supposedly stealing.

I guess the words, “To cover his tracks, he changes a few words here and there” is his way of saying “oh shit I’ve been called out on my accusation but I can’t back it up. So I better come up with some excuse why I can’t”.

This is RevLeft hua? Wild accusations with nothing to back it up? Funny you sound like stateless capitalists.

Oh one more thing. I hear, (don’t know for a fact) that RevLeft is funded by the Che T-shirt store. I was wondering, if this is true, do you have the Cuban government’s permission to use Che’s likeness? You know his face is the property of the Cuban government. I was wondering if you ever got permission to? I don’t think so.

Perhaps all these accusations of stealing copyrighted material are just the externalization of his own guilty actions? You make accusations bitch, you back it up. Or are you right winger?

One thought on “Maoist Rebel vs. RevLeft Round 2

  1. Uh… well… I prefer not to take any sides on this one. But I will say that I wouldn’t recommend making anymore videos about them. Not to be mean or anything.

    I do agree with you about the SEP though because they keep acting like everything is “Stalinist.” How could China be “Stalinist” if it’s capitalist these days?

    Also, I think you’ll like to hear what Kassad says about most RevLeft members (not that I have anything against them or anything):

    The last half of the last sentence pretty much tells all.

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