1 US Hiker Released and 2 Still Held

As anyone who keeps attention to the media is aware if the two Americans that are still being held by Iranian authorities. One woman who was in the group by the name Sarah Shourd has been freed from Iranian custody. She was held in Iran for more than 13 months. She was freed on Tuesday when government officials in Oman worked out a $500,000 bail. Her fiancé Shane Bauer and friend Josh Fattal are still being held.

The group claims that they were hiking lose to the Iraqi border in July 2009. Iranian authorities arrested the group when they illegally crossed into Iran. Authorities are charging the group with “spying and illegally entering the country”. The US government and all members of the group deny any accusations of being spies.

Sarah Shourd admits to being in the area but claimed they did not know they had crossed into Iran. I wonder quite frankly why someone would go for a hike in Iraq anyway. Not only that, of all places why would you go for a hike along the border with a country you know your country is in hostilities with. This shows either she is lying, or has incredibly bad judgment.

Sarah Shourd said:

“If we were indeed near the Iraq-Iran border, that border was entirely unmarked and indistinguishable.”

Personally I don’t think the three were spies seeking to do harm against the Iranian government. I would be the first one to consider such a possibility, but it just seems unlikely in this case. I just sort of get this vibe that they really didn’t mean any harm. It’s probably a case of really, really bad judgement on the part of thrill seekers. Probably thought it was cool to be so close to an enemy country; which I can understand, that does seem like something I would also do.

It is somewhat of a habit now for Americans to go hiking in places where they are not wanted like Iran and North Korea. If you’re in fact looking for a thrill, go bungee jumping, it is probably safer. But generally, staying away from the so-called Axis of Evil countries would be a good idea.

One thought on “1 US Hiker Released and 2 Still Held

  1. As much as I feel some sympathy for the hikers being detained, the thing that does worry me about the incident is how the US (and/or the other pro-US Western nations) probably might use this incident (if they haven’t already) as a scapegoat to harass Iran and North Korea for their human rights records.

    I’m sure that they’ve used these sorts of scapegoats before.

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