Philippine Army Violating Indigenous People

If you’re familiar with the Maoist Rebel News then you’re probably familiar with the New People’s Army in the Philippines. The local Maoist guerrilla movement that has been knocking around the successive US puppet governments since 1968. The NPA personally, is my favourite revolutionary movement.

Well, the reactionary Armed Forces of the Philippines has taken the US government’s recent massive increase of intervention deeper into the ancestral lands of the Igorot people. Not only is a military build up in violation of the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People, but they are spreading a sickening lie for its existence. The leader of the military in that area Major Gen. Rommel Gomez (seriously that is his real name) is claiming it is for the benefit of the Igorot people.

Major Gen. Rommel Gomez is claiming the Fifth Infantry Division military troops invading the land are for “peacekeeping and development” missions. What they have actually done is force thousands of Cordillerans off their land. Why? So that big extractive industries can be step up and protected from the NPA. Big extractive industries like dams, mines, and geothermal projects. The Armed Forces of the Philippines serve nothing but the wealthy elite, they are tools for protecting the Cordillera Exploration Company/Anglo-American Group PLC in the tri-boundary of Sagada, Bauko and Tadian.

In actuality the AFP mercilessly kills civilians during military operations and have forced a martial law on the population. This restricts farmers from tending to their crops, hunting, or cutting firewood, recent reports clearly attest to this fact. Major Gen. Gomez says he and his troops came to watch over the Cordillera people. It’s a total lie, the Igorot children are displaced and then they use day care centers and schools as barracks and villages as their garrisons.

Nothing could show the true face capitalism more than turning child care facilities and educational institutions into housing for killers.

To you the Igorots… From one indigenous person to another, resists this scum! Don’t let your ancestral lands be taken by a bunch profiteering garbage! Fetad! Rebolusyon kayet!