1st vs. 3rd World Social Resistance

There is a very unique character to American society when it comes to marginalization. When people know there is something wrong at the top, the elites, the people running things, they have a completely different reaction than those in the third world. And that doesn’t just go for Americans; it goes for Canadians and the British as well to a much, much smaller degree.

In the US when the population can no longer ignore the fact they are being slapped in the face and dominated, they resort to different kinds of actions. In the old days people responded by making things like the I.W.W. union or the Civil Rights and Feminist movements.

Now when the system harms people to such a large degree and can’t be covered up an entire new form of social backlash appears. Instead of banning together people are getting paranoid and think everyone is out to get them. No one trusts anyone else, and it’s all been programmed into us by the elites who are working against us.

Now what do we have? New World Order psycho’s who think alien reptiles are undermining the government to control us. There couldn’t be something wrong with the system because they still believe the American dream is something real so it must be some evil invading force causing the bad things. They really are not much different than the people who think Jews are secretly plotting to control the world. Both are very sad backward interpretations of system that was never intended to do as it claims.

It doesn’t get much better when it comes to ethnic minorities. Here in 1992 in the L.A. riots so much damage was done. Pointless damage that accomplished nothing positive. The only thing this showed the ruling class was to, no change their ways, but to build more jails.

This FEMA camps and UN troops are going to come into America kill people to usher in a new world is all coming from the right. And all of it is inherently violent, the second amendment and anti-immigrant militias in middle America. People who think violence against an incorrect enemy is the only way out.

I mean they have legitimate grievances with government and the system; they just seem completely incapable of analysing the situation. These second amendment and anti-immigrant militia are mostly high school educated, white males. In other words working class people who have been pounded economically the last 40 years.

Their family units are breaking up, the kids are running wild, and both parents have to work just to put food on the table. They never manage to see The Economist, and then put two and two together. They have no understanding of the class reality behind what is happening. They just say the federal government is at fault, that’s easy because they never see it. They say immigrants are to blame for their social and economic problems, which is also easy, attacking the thing that’s different.

They are unable to see things from a political and class based perspective. Its not really any different for the far right libertarians, the stateless capitalists, unable to understand why the American Dream isn’t working in real life or why real life isn’t like their Econ 101 textbook.

In the third world people are far more organized and quite frankly intelligent about things. The Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico are far, poorer than people in South Central, L.A. or even rural Middle America. Yet somehow they manage to not hate each other or become paranoid psychos. They manage to collectivize and organize a resistance to their situation. A skill these Western paranoid delusion right-wingers just don’t have. The only people who have any organization skill are the Tea Baggers and they are completely funded and owned by very large corporations and major media outlets like Fox News, the people they claim to be against.

In South East Asia, this rallying against a system designed to marginalize them have taken the form of Maoist guerrilla movements. Even the smallest least powerful of these organizations have accomplished more than all of these Western militias, NWO, stateless capitalist groups combined. Especially the stateless capitalists who literally don’t exist in real life, only on the internet.

There is a resurgence in Europe against the systems that are oppressing them. Do you see the Greek carrying on like hateful, little children thumping their Econ 101 textbooks blaming random people. No you see them working together organizing against the injustice that is being forced on them.

Everyone can see something is wrong and that the system doesn’t do what it claims it is supposed to do. Unfortunately in the West we’ve been programmed to hate instead of investigate.

2 thoughts on “1st vs. 3rd World Social Resistance

  1. This is why its so important for people like us to live and be agitating in the heart of imperialism. There’s a real crisis of leadership for working class people. We need to be struggling to get people to unite, not bicker and be cynical.

    Great post. It works better for me to read something like this than to watch it in video. I always process information better through reading.

    <3 Nukes.

  2. I liked this a lot thanks for sharing. I really relate to this part cause my father a right winger in denial is like this “They have no understanding of the class reality behind what is happening. They just say the federal government is at fault, that’s easy because they never see it. They say immigrants are to blame for their social and economic problems, which is also easy, attacking the thing that’s different”. Anyway good job

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