Right Wing Fails to Overpower Chavez

In the recent parliamentary elections, the right wing has made a major push against Hugo Chavez and the ruling socialist party. Now like previous countless times, the right has accused the popular Venezuela of turning away from democracy. For twelve years they have been screaming that Hugo Chavez going to install himself as a permanent leader.

Colin Harding, a right wing Latin American analyst told Al Jazeera:

“I suspect during that time, he will push through measures to actually sidetrack congress… I mean, if the opposition have got a big representation in the national assembly, he will push through measures to give more power to what they call communal councils.”

This is an accusation that local right wing propaganda outlets and the US funded media companies have been spouting for 12 years. Ever since his first democratic election they have been saying he was going to install himself as permanent president. After all this time it hasn’t happened, and it isn’t going to happen.

According to the Venezuelan electoral council, the ruling party won at least 90 out of 165 seats in the National Assembly in Sunday’s vote, with up to 61 seats going to the opposition. This means that Hugo Chavez only has a small large majority then he previously did. Somehow in the right wing min this means a victory. I’m sure not getting as small a minority means win to them.

Chavez has had near total control since opposition parties boycotted the last legislative elections in 2005, citing fictional concerns about possible irregularities, despite constant independent observers verifying the elections to be open and democratic.

The bottom line is Hugo Chavez is enormously popular among a very large portion of the Venezuelan population, the working class and poor, the actual people of Venezuela.

The right wing did not win.

In the words of Nikolai Nowietska:

We will shed blood on the way of victory of the color of our flags
We will destroy capitalist lines with our mighty hammers