Israel Seizes ANOTHER Gaza Aid Boat

Right before a big peace talk meeting between Israel and Palestine, Israel has decided to illegally board and steal another aid ship bound for the Gaza strip. Onboard were eight Jewish activists from Europe, Israel and the US and were taken into custody by the Israeli navy. This raid was conducted just a few miles off the coast of Gaza.

Israeli officials claim a warship gave them warning before the boarding.
Fortunately the Israeli Navy didn’t just slaughter the people onboard this time, the troops boarded the Irene, and then the passengers were forced off the boat.

Glyn Secker, the Irene’s captain denounced the move saying:

“In the tradition of the civil rights movement … we assert our right to continue to Gaza under international law.”

The aid was organized by several leftist European Jewish organizations who intended to break through the illegal blockade imposed by Israel on Palestine. This blockade is intended to starve out and kill off the remaining 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.

A statement from European Jews for a Just Peace movement said:

“We stand in the proud Jewish tradition of justice, of championing the rights of the downtrodden, of implacable opposition to prejudice and racism.”

The seizure of another aid boat while so-called peace talks are about to resume shows the utter contempt the Israeli government has for the talks. If Israel was going to take them seriously, they would not have committed this act. I believe this action of blocking more aid materials was intended to give a big FU to the Palestinians and let them know that they will continue their genocidal policies against them no matter what. This move absolutely undermines the entire “peace” talks.

2 thoughts on “Israel Seizes ANOTHER Gaza Aid Boat

  1. It’s kinda pathetic how the state of Israel would defend its “nation” no matter what. Even if it means LITERALLY arresting their own people if they happen to try to bring aid to the Palestinians.

    It’s pretty much impossible to even call Israel a “Jewish” state now.

  2. Israel is a state, and any state would behave this way in order to protect the interests of its ruling class. Fuck Israel, but more importantly FUCK the US for supporting them.

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