Wealth Gap in 2009 Highest Ever

According to the US Census Bureau the wealth gap between rich and poor in the US is the highest ever it has ever been recorded. The outright rape of the working class is laid bare more now than ever before in possibly the entire history of capitalism. The US officially has the greatest income inequality between rich and poor in the first world capitalist countries.

Here are some statistics:

• Michigan median income decreased 6.2% between 2008 and 2009.
• Illinois poverty increased 24% in the last 10 years.
• 36.5% of Detroit is in poverty.
• National median income fell in 34 states; there was an increase only in North Dakota.
• DC has the highest rate of extreme poverty at 10.7%.
• US households on food stamps increased by 2 million to 11.7.
• Number of empty unsold home grew 12.6 percent in 2009.
• Home ownership shrunk for a third consecutive year to 65.9 percent
• Child poverty rate is now 21 percent.

In true capitalist fashion, the hardest hit by poverty was young people. The wealth gap between young people and older persons has doubled since 2000. The Associated Press reports that young adults suffered the “largest jumps in poverty last year as employers kept or hired older workers for the dwindling jobs available.” The youth are marginalized in record numbers; no other industrialized nation has delivered such an unbelievable insult to youth. For young people the ruling class are saying, “shut the F up and flip my burger.” That is if you can find even those jobs.

Another aspect of the increase in poverty is the blatant theft of wealth by the ruling class. The top 20 percent of the population (those who “earn” $100,000+ a year) received almost half of all wealth generated in the US economy in 2009.

The wealth that we the people generated was stolen by those who see and use us as mere cattle. Our poverty increases while they cruse by on a luxury liner. How many of you are sick of just being able to make it while these scumbags sit on their bloated wallets and count the money we made for them. Those who scream the most about hard work and incentive throw their pocket change at us while they count hundred dollar bills they took from our work. “Incentive” indeed, if they couldn’t exploit us for their fortune they wouldn’t know what to do. For all their big talk about incentive they sure don’t provide any.

This is hypocrisy, the theft of others work while screaming taxes are too high. They scream and cry that government charging taxes is stealing from them and that’s fascism. If only they would get off their sense-of-entitlement high horse and acknowledge that they do to us worse than the government supposedly does to them. In true capitalist hypocrisy, it’s only fascism when the state does it.

There is one way and one way only out of this dictatorship control of the ruling class. There is only one way to take our self-respect and power form those who stole it. Take the means of production away from them and throw them out in garbage where they belong!

Remember this capitalists, and supporters of capitalism who talk as though they were capitalists… We don’t need you; we can run our own work places. YOU need US to exploit for profit.

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