New Cuban Medical Breakthroughs

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According to experts, Vimang, a Cuban natural product, is used to improve human health and the quality of life. It has three main production lines: watery extract, syrup, and cream, the latter with therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Vimang is used more frequently for the treatment of skin diseases and the aging of the skin, as well as cancer.

Also presented on Friday were the results obtained with Ferrical, a food supplement of high efficacy. According to Dr. Cesar Garcia, the creator of the product, Ferrical makes it possible to eliminate anemia due to iron deficiency highly effective for pregnant women.

The final day of the Congress also included the presentation of comprehensive programs to control vectors responsible for the transmission of diseases, and natural products for cancer therapy.

The meeting was held for four days at Havana’s Convention Center, and was attended by 500 delegates from some 20 nations.