Obama’s New E-Fascism Policy

In a move that really makes on think that George Bush is still in office, the Obama administration is making the largest attack on privacy ever. In the era of “change”, legislation is being written to take away all privacy by forcing social networks like Facebook, and communication tools like Skype and Blackberry to let the FBI spy on its users.

The claim by government security experts is that so-called terrorist and other illegal organizations are moving to Internet-based communication because it is too easy to be monitored by telephone.

This new fascist policy is being called “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act” and is a 197-pages of Nazism.

In a further frightening development, this bill will allow the government to completely shut down the internet. The ruling class is not only allowing this, they are promoting this by actively opening their arms. Software companies and Internet providers are quietly praising this because this bill will give them absolute immunity from any civil lawsuits for damages or shutdown or government take over. For example, if someone because too powerful and the government shuts them down, the fed will reimburse YouTube for all lost revenue for the time it was down.

What ALL other media outlets (even leftist ones) are leaving out is the inherent private property assumption over the internet. The wording “…a National Asset” is completely claiming that the internet is private property. The internet does not belong to the US government anymore than it belongs to any nation. The “virtue” and “entitlement” to private property is rearing its head in fascism again.

This is not the first time this has been attempted by the US government. In 2008 the National Security Agency was exposed building a secret spying office inside AT&T communications headquarters. The room had equipment monitoring all emails, telephone calls, and internet traffic that all AT&T customers made. This also allowed anyone who made any communications to a customer of AT&T to be monitored as well. This was only put an end to by Mark Klien, a 20 plus year veteran technician at AT&T by blowing the whistle. Mark Klien is a hero in my and many other people’s eyes as well.

This is the greatest threat to internet communication and freedom of speech that the world has ever faced. This must be fought with as much force as possible. Get in contact with your internet provider and tell them that you do not support this attack on your rights as an American and as a human being. And another thing you can do is tell your congressmen to go “F” himself for not opposing this fascism.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s New E-Fascism Policy

  1. Dear Maoist Rebel News,
    Let me start by saying that I am a fan of your youtube videos and this archive (of sorts). I like to get your perspective on things and I also like your informative and entertaining videos. I am a communist still very much in the learning process and I like to get all sorts of perspectives on things because I am yet to subscribe to any of the more specific “-isms” of communism. It is interesting to hear the Maoist perspective.

    This is ridiculous. I recall reading something about this a little while ago, but the fact that this bill is even being proposed is absolutely horrifying to me. The internet is one of the few ways of freely sharing information and I love it for that reason. Do you by chance know when Senate is scheduled to vote on this? I see that it was proposed in June. I am really interested to see where this is going.

    Thanks for putting out the information that you do.

    Your fan,
    Patrick from USA

  2. Dear Fascist States of America,
    We declare cold war on you due to your almost fascism and Nazism(racism is being United States of America policy)! You are now my, and other people’s, enemy.

    The President of the Antifascist Communist Republic of the Americas

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