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MaoistRebelNews fans, as you know I am a fan of Dragon Ball Z and I am also a communist. Now it is rare that these two things would intertwine at any point in life. But it has, and I am going to take issue with it. I am going to have to correct another right wing persecution-complex suffering psycho who things everything in the world is a communist conspiracy because they are unable to do 10 minutes of rational thinking or investigation.

This video is about correcting a blogger who wrote an article claiming that the Dragon Ball series has 5 Communist elements to it. And in true right wing fashion they claim Hitler is a socialist and not a right winger like he actually is. So I am going to tear this ignorant right wing blogger to pieces with the knowledge and skill only a Marxist has.

Now let’s being…

1. Red Ribbon Army = The Red Army

“We find the Red Army in Dragon Ball in the form of the Red Ribbon Army, a spoof like representation of a unified military threat. Most of the Red Ribbon Army and all of its leaders are “Foreigners,” i.e. Westerners (or talking bipedal animals). They represent the stereotypical socialist or communist army trouncing across the country and taking whatever they want with their military might.”

Alright convincing argument, they both contain the word “red” so therefore they must be the same thing. The blog literally gives absolutely no other indication or evidence why the Red Ribbon army equals the Red Armies of both the Soviet Union and China, none whatsoever. This is a very typical argument given by the right wing. They use it to somehow “prove” that the Khmer Rouge was communist, when they were nothing of the sort. Apparently to this blogger anything containing the word “red” must be something communist. I wonder how he feels about the US Army’s communist infantry division “The Big Red One”. Which coincidentally was a nickname I had at one time.

Now my automatic reaction to this baseless accusation was this: Does a red ribbon have any significant meaning in Japanese culture? Well, it does actually; it has at least two different meanings.

In Japan, a red ribbon can be used to indicate that “these two people belong together.” This is based on a superstition that soul-mates are connected to each other by an invisible red ribbon.

It has a second meaning, a military meaning which is probably more likely given the whole military application of the term. A red ribbon is a medal given to Japanese soldiers who risked their lives to save the lives of other soldiers. In other words, it is the Japanese Medal of honour.

This blogger was so clearly on an anti-Communist rant that he was unable to take .12 of a second to do a Google search for the Japanese meaning of a red ribbon as I did. Guy, I suggest you research things before you go around screaming conspiracy; Anime doesn’t need its own Alex Jones.

Oh and one more thing about the Red Army of China: Mao didn’t make it, it existed before he was even a party member. Read a history book sometime.

2. Stars = Red Star of Communism

“Stars are another communist symbol, and they are frequently seen in the Dragon Ball series because each of the dragonballs contains stars. Red five-pointed stars in particular carry the most symbolism.”

I don’t even know really where to being with the irrational thinking on this one. The Dragon Ball has a Communist element because it has stars in it? Really? The only meaning a five pointed star could possibly have is Communist? Have you ever seen your own flag? It has fifty stars on them! The United States of America must be the single most Communist nation that has ever existed! It has 50 stars! Cuba and the Soviet Union only had one! China had five! So America is ten times more Communist than China used to be! Wait 5 stars x 10 + 200 x 2 + 55 = 555! The numerology conspiracy is true, China is God!

Actually you could have made any number of occult references with the five pointed star. You could have claimed it was Pagan witch conspiracy, or a satanic conspiracy, there’s no limit to the garbage you could come up with using five pointed star.

Seriously buddy, you are really grasping at straws here trying to make Communism a conspiracy.

However this is my favourite one:

“The shape-shifting pig Oolong also wears a Red Star on his hat in the beginning of the series. He is a short and fat pig seen dressed in a green Chinese Communist style uniform similar to the one Mao Zedong would have worn.

It’s not known exactly why Toriyama decided to create him to look like a Chinese Communist soldier, but it’s possible that he was trying to take a jab at the CCP by dressing up a pig in their clothes and making him short, fat, obnoxious, loud and selfish. What do you guys think?”

Well let me tell you what I think after having checked a few Anime message boards. Series creator Toriyama was calling Mao a pig. He literally has said he didn’t like Mao and was insulting him. I’m guessing the rest of your blog doesn’t contain much research either.

3. Hitler = Socialism

“The biggest and most frequently talked about reference to socialism in Dragon Ball is Hitler himself. Hitler is in Dragon Ball Z Movie 12, Fusion Reborn (Japanese title: The Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta!) as a guest villain who comes back from the dead after a demon takes control of the underworld and the laws of life and death.”

Probably the single most insulting lie perpetuated by the right wing. Hitler was NOT a socialist as (seemingly only) Americans declare. Hitler was a complete proponent of right wing nationalist ideology. He hated anyone that didn’t fit his perfect model of a human being. Communism is predicated on the idea that everyone is equal and deserving of the same respect, access to resources and opportunities. Hitler was the complete opposite!

Buddy, you really need to crack a history book some time. You might come across this “social hiccup” (in Marxist terms) called World War Two. It was this little known event where Hitler declared war on the Soviet Union among other countries. If you ever read a history book instead of a manga you would read about how Hitler persecuted Communist in Germany; he called them terrorists and fabricated this whole huge threat to take away people’s rights. Maybe some of this is sounding familiar to you? Hitler killed Communists in the concentration camps. How the hell is an ideology based on one group being superior and another based on everyone being equal the same ideology?

“Did Akira Toriyama have ulterior motives? Unfortunately the definitive answer to the question is unknown.”

Did this blogger use any critical thought or research? Unfortunately the definitive answer to the question is no.

4. DBZ Logo Z = Swastika

“The hooked cross ends of the Z in the logo are the ends that point both diagonally up and down, like the German hooked cross. A normal Z does not have these, and these two ends appear similar to a single hooked cross.

Please remember that the Swastika was two hooked crosses placed on top of one another and inverted. I am not implying that the Z logo is a Swastika; rather I am saying that it resembles a single hooked cross. If you placed another Z on top of the original than it would resemble a stylized swastika, but this is never seen in the series and a presupposition like that should not be made.”

Again with the Nazi references! I’ve already dealt with this idiocy so it’s going to be much shorter.

The “Z” in the Dragon Ball logo looks nothing like a Swastika at all. This is more crack pot conspiracy garbage. I’m guessing at this point you’re running out of stuff to make up. Any intersecting lines look like a Swastika if you try.

Bit of an education for you here, the Swastika was NOT a Nazi symbol. It was stolen from at least sixteen other religions and cultures.

5. One World Government = Communism

“The goal of communism is to unite the world in a communist controlled utopia, ruled by the people. The goal of socialism is state ownership and control of the fundamental means of production and distribution of wealth, to be achieved through restructuring existing capitalist or political systems.

The government in Dragon Ball doesn’t exactly fit the communist description, as it is ruled by a King, but the concept of a single united world government is still strong.”

Okay so basically you’ve already admitted that you are full of garbage in claiming that the Earth in Dragon Ball Z is ruled by a Communist/Socialist government.

Quick lesson in Marxism here: Communism is a stateless system that has no form of currency. No government whatsoever. Quick lesson in Socialism: There is no king, things are democratically controlled. The world you couldn’t seem to find instead of Communism was monarchy. You would know that if you hadn’t been brainwashed by Cold War propaganda.

“In Dragon Ball the entire planet is ruled by the King of the Earth, a talking bipedal dog named King Furry (Japanese name: King Koku) who resides in the World Capital. There are several capitals, such as the Northern Capital, Central Capital, etc, similar to a Dynastic Chinese feudal organization system (Beijing, Nanjing, Xi’an, etc.).”

Here the guy is just outright trying to paint the Dragon Ball Z world as feudal China. And therefore having made the connection to China, it must be communist. Here is some more history lessons for you. There were no kings in China, they were emperors. There were kings all across Europe, and a few in Asia, not China.

Fun fact: Japan was ruled by a royal family, perhaps in making a monarchy in the JAPANESE anime, Toriyama was referring to the royal family who once ruled JAPAN.

Clearly this blogger knows nothing about any political system and knows absolutely nothing about history at all.

This is a question he left in the blog post:

“So far this is the best explanation I can produce and I’m totally open to it being refuted with logical arguments to the contrary. If you have a rational alternative explanation, then please let me know.”

Oh, I will.

4 thoughts on “Reply to Blogger about Dragon Ball Z and Communism

  1. Wow, I read that blog and I could not even comprehend anything that was being said by that guy. Just fucking wow. He must be an absolute right-winger. I kinda stopped taking that guy seriously after he said that “Hitler was a Socialist.” Somehow I’m not that surprised that someone like him would come up with such a ridiculous claim.

    As a Dragon Quest fan (it also has character artwork by Akira Toriyama), I can say that the most seemingly Left-wing/Communist/Socialist game out of the ones I’ve played is Dragon Quest IX. It’s hard for me to explain how without spoiling parts of the game though, but that’s just me.

  2. Did you receive my comment from two nights ago? I see that the comment from DragonQuestWes was approved and mine was not. If you did not receive it, then please reply to my e-mail so I know and then I will submit it again. Otherwise, please post the comment so we can have a tolerant and open discussion.

    You may have noticed that I approve every comment on my blog, including the ones that disagree or have outright insults. If I don’t do that, then it is the definition of one-sided extremism, which I am completely against. I feel it’s important to look at the gray area in-between and not see the world in absolutes. Even if I lose face in the process. All that matters is that we can get closer to the truth.

    I’m more than happy to have a discussion about the issues presented in the post.

  3. While I agree with most of these statements, I do have to tilt my head at what you said about the royalty system. While yes, the anime and manga series were made in Japan by a Japanese person, the series of Dragon Ball itself does seem to take place in a sort of ancient China; the original concept of Dragon Ball was a loose adaptation of the Chinese story “Journey to the West”, which featured a character known simply as “Monkey”, much like how Goku has tendencies of a monkey (plus the tail and Giant Ape form); some of the other characters such as Oolong and Yamcha all have similarities to characters in the story as well. While Dragon Ball does play fast and loose with its source material, several other aspects of the show resemble ancient China, such as the clothes (especially Yamcha), the weaponry (many swords were a far cry from the Japanese katana and more resembled the Chinese dao), and especially the great presence of Buddhist monks and even Indian characters (Krillin and Nam, respecitvely) that seem distinctly less Japanese (yes, Japanese Buddhism is pretty different from Chinese Buddhism).

    Still, this doesn’t justify the theory of “Dragon Ball must be communist China” or anything of that sort. But it isn’t as “Japanese” as you had stated in the article.

  4. There could possibly be a nazi reference with the super saiyans representing the aryan race with the blonde hair and blue eyes

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