Rand Paul Cowards Assault a Woman

The violence and prejudice in the stateless capitalist movement has been quite evident for some time. It’s obvious links to white supremacy and air of social Darwinist hateful mentality have finally exposed themselves on camera. Several supporters of the Republican and Tea Party candidate Rand Paul assaulted and injured a liberal activist just before a debate held on Monday. The video of this incident is widely available on YouTube and other such video service websites.

As Rand Paul was entering the debate hall he was approached by Lauren Valle, 23, a member of moveon.org with an “employee-of-the-month award”. This phoney award was from a fictional enterprise called “RepubliCorp”. This action as intended to call to attention to the fact that these so-called stateless capitalists are massively funded by major corporations.

Rand Paul supporters reacted to this dose of reality with the hate they are well known for displaying. In a moment of “collectivist action” the supporters physically attacked a 23 year old small woman. One man held her on the ground making it impossible for her to make even minute attempt at self defence possible. Another slammed her face into the concrete; his identity has been revealed as Tim Profitt, a Rand Paul campaign worker.

Lauren Valle spent a night in a Lexington hospital. She had a concussion and a sprained shoulder along with a heavily damaged face.

Michael J. Grossman a witness to the even said this:

“It was a relatively calm political event until the Rand Paul people simply went nuts when their candidate arrived,” Grossman said. “By and large they appeared to be a very hostile group of people who were looking for trouble, and I guess they got it.”

Tim Profitt tried to justify the gang attack on a single women by saying

“I’m sorry that it came to that, and I apologize if it appeared overly forceful, but I was concerned about Rand’s safety.”

The lies covering the hateful nature of the stateless capitalist movement have been laid bare. Their lies of wanting a freer world are a complete fraud. There is no libertarian principal here, only cowards who gang attack women. The lowest of the low these people, are, attacking a defenceless woman who committed no aggressive act.

The followers of Rand and Ron Paul are low life cowards. They are pathetic weak garbage who attack the weakest because they have no manhood whatsoever.

Tim Profitt (beautiful name) was donating his time to help defend the messiah instead of just allowing the market to function by paying for a private security firm. I hear Blackwater is open to those kinds of contracts.

I laugh when I hear all the claims by stateless capitalists who claim collectivism is so violent and its so wrong. Collectivism is just mob mentality and it’s so backward and primitive. When is the last time you heard about a bunch of liberals being violent? Never.

Boy when those individualists get together they sure love beating women. Supporters of stateless capitalism, pure woman beating cowards.

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul Cowards Assault a Woman

  1. Like I said on your video’s comments, there HAS to be some connection between the extremely anti-social behavior Rand Paul’s supporters show and the extremely anti-social economic policies they support. Fuck them.

    You know, that’s the one thing I see a lot with these people. It’s the same sort of thing I told you before in the “Ron Paul and social alienation” video. These people are completely disillusioned from reality and thus turn to the capitalist market and people like Ron and Rand Paul as saviors. They know shit isn’t working for them. They know the state is only supporting the capitalists and not them. But they just don’t have the context.

  2. Do you mean to say that all it takes is the immoral violence, perpetrated by a single individual, to derail an entire philosophy, even if that individual’s actions run counter to the principles of that particular philosophy?

    If one person chokes on bubblegum on a cross-walk, shall we outlaw the chewing of gum in public? Ah, I can hear the cogs turning already. Surely, you’re trying to convince yourself that, “This is different!” In terms of personal liberty, it is no different.

    No libertarian would advocate the decriminalization of stomping on the heads (literally) of the political opposition. Perhaps that is why the libertarian movement gets little traction. While Mao was busy throwing state sponsorship behind the atrocity-committing Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution, libertarians were still advocating non-interference and adherence to the principle of non-aggression.

  3. I should further clarify. The intent in my second paragraph is NOT to say that “stomping heads” and “choking on gum” are either equivalent or diametrically opposed. I should have specified that condemning an entire philosophy to invalidity, and promoting the opposing philosophy, over a singular case is NOT justifiable.

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