US Says Omar Khadr Has Pleaded Guilty

So the US is now claiming that Canadian Guantanamo prisoner Omar Khadr has admitted that he threw a grenade that killed a US soldier in Afghanistan when he was only 15 years old.

What I’m sure they meant to say was that after eight years of torture he’s agreed to do what we tell him to and say what they tell him to say. In what other case has there been where a prisoner confesses after eight years?

Supposedly he has pleaded guilty to five charges which include murder. This was part of a deal whose details will not be made public for obvious reasons.

The trial is controversial because Khadr is a Canadian citizen and by law is supposed to be returned to Canada. Khadr was 15 at the time of the incident and is not supposed to be placed on trial. Legally he is a child soldier and can’t be prosecuted. Technically he is supposed to be turned over to the UN and placed in a rehabilitation program.

John Terrett an Al Jazeera’s correspondent said this:

“In many ways this whole thing has been a trial of firsts and onlys… He’s the only Canadian citizen in Guantanamo and he’s the only child soldier- He was arrested at the age of 15. He has pled guilty to all five charges againsthim, and it has become that this trial is coming to a plea-bargain end.”

I know this is either a phoney confession or he was tortured into it. They claim he admitted to being trained by al-Qaeda, which doesn’t not exist. The Former head of French intelligence has admitted that al-Qaeda doesn’t exist and is in fact completely fabricated by US intelligence.

Omar Khadr cannot confess to being trained by an organization who doesn’t exist. He was obviously trained by the Taliban and US officials are using this as so-called proof of al-Qaeda existence. A lot of people are starting to figure out it doesn’t exist.

What is really sickening is was the push by the US government to have Omar Khadr trialed for war crimes. They certainly don’t seem to be too interested in charging US soldiers with war crimes for the things they do.