Yemen Bomb Package Plot Probably Fake

If you haven’t heard about this yet, two packages containing what US officials are calling “explosive material” have been found. These two packages were on their way from Yemen to the United States. The packages were intended for Jewish organizations in Chicago. US President Barak Obama has already come forward letting us know that this is a “credible terrorist threat”. I however remain to be convinced.

“An initial examination of those packages has determined that they do apparently contain explosive material in a form that was designed to try to carry out some kind of attack. Clearly, from the initial observation, the initial analysis that was done, the material that was found … was intended to do harm.” Obama told reporters.

The first package was found at a FedEx facility in Dubai, while the second was found on a cargo plane in East Midlands, north of London.

Various media sources have announced that the parcels contained explosive devices inside laser printers. Right now US officials are reporting that the explosive material is PETN, a common explosive used by the Shoe Bomber Richard Reid’s and last year’s phony Christmas Day bomber.

White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said that the packages were made to be inert, but were intended to harm people. He also said that it was thanks to Saudi Arabia for “developing information” about the packages.

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In my personal opinion this is another false flag operation by the US government. This story has several holes in it the same as the supposed Christmas Day bomber and New York City fertilizer bombing had. There are serious questions to be asked that the media is ignoring.

Why were the bombs made inert where they can’t explode? This indicates to me that they were never intended to explode to begin with. This so-called bomb was not “badly made” it was inert, it was not possible to explode on its own. It is already unclear how the devices were to be set off. If it was to be assembled later and then sent off to a target, why was it sent directly to Jewish organizations? Which leads me to believe this is another false flag operation to scare us into fearing the Middle East again.

What is even more suspicious is the fact that these bombs were not even found in the US, they were found in Dubai and East Midlands. Both foreign countries where we cannot interview those who supposedly found them. The official story is that Saudi Arabia tipped off the US government. Which means we’ll never be able to investigate the source as to how Saudi Arabia found out about it.

To me this seems like a scare tactic designed to get us after the Middle East again or more specifically Yemen this time. It seems as though the elites have already decided that Yemen is where the next round of War on Terror is going to take place.

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