Nepal Victim of US in Haiti

As if the US government wasn’t harming people enough in Haiti with their imperialist actions, they have decided to restrict limited resources even further. US imperialism has previously decided to bury the humanitarian aid contributions of Cuba to Haiti, now they are demonizing Nepal, a country on the path to socialism. Nepal is a country that just recently had the 379 year old monarchy over thrown by a Maoist revolution.

The government of Haiti acting under orders by the US government is asking a group of Nepalese peacekeepers leave the country. They are blaming the Nepalese troops for an outbreak of cholera. At this time the outbreak has killed 300 people and put 4,700 other in hospital.

It is claimed that Nepali soldiers brought cholera with them after an outbreak in Nepal. US backed “investigations” are claiming that excrement from Nepali latrines are leaking into the river is causing the outbreak of the disease. As of yet there had be no confirmation of the accusations. Witnesses have seen the US military investigating the situation.

“We certainly saw a lot of activity there when we visited the base recently, with UN soldiers digging around the latrines, trying to stop what looked like sewage from seeping down into the river.”

The UN mission has said however that not cases of cholera have been found among the Nepali soldiers. Claire-Lise Chaignat, the head of the World Health Organisation’s cholera task force, said any speculation about the source of the outbreak was “premature”.

“The way for the troops to be transported from Nepal to Haiti is long enough that the disease would have declared itself before they reached Haiti.

We also know that troops and armies normally live in good sanitary conditions and are not exposed to conditions which are conducive to getting cholera.”

This situation is blatantly an attempt to pressure the new government on the path to communism out of the country. If the major contributions of Cuba can be ignored by the corporate media, there is no telling how far the US will go to keep another possible communist nation from making a contribution to an international situation before the entire world.

Nepalese soldiers have been some of the most humane. During 2009 Nepali soldiers were the one who refused to shoot at Haitians during food riots. I guess soldiers who don’t shoot poor people are not welcome in US controlled places.

The US has already harmed enough people in Haiti; there is no need to make things worse.