Parcel Bomb Plot not Al-Qaeda

The SITE Intelligence Group has come forward making the claim that Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has taken responsibility for the attempted parcel bombings that were discovered last week. Two bomb attempts in October were supposedly foiled by security services in the UK and Dubai, where parcels containing the explosives were in transit, having originated from Yemen.

The claims were made in a statement published by the Yemen-based al-Qaeda wing on Islamist websites and subsequently translated by the SITE Intelligence Group on Friday.

Once again I think this story, like the entire bombing attempt is very weak. Their “source” are several Islamic websites, who for obvious reason we not named. In other words the actual source can’t be investigated or confirmed by anyone outside of SITE Intelligence. This is the single worst supposed proof of Al-Qaeda’s existence that has ever been released.

The connections to Al-Qaeda in various “plots” are becoming weaker and weaker. Fewer and fewer even witness such incidents anymore. The bin Laden tapes have stopped appearing since we’ve figured out the guy in the video isn’t him. The so-called audio tapes of bin Laden basically aren’t even reported in the US anymore its so obvious they are fake.

I’m still with the former head of French intelligence: there is no Al-Qaeda, it is a non-existent organization perpetuated by the US government.