US Pressuring Australia and India against China

In a further escalation of the currency war between China and the United States, the US government is seeking to bring international power against China in an attempt to pressure them into submission. Right now the US is engaging in actions intended to bring Australia and India into the US camp.

Hillary Clinton is in Australia for a ministerial meeting with Defence Secretary Robert Gates. It is widely known that the two will be there to pressure Australia into come into line with the US stance against China. Clinton is seeking to undermine growing Chinese influence in the South West Pacific.

Julia Gillard has made it known that she fully intends to support the US aggression against China. The Australian government has also made it perfectly clear that they will continue to supply soldiers for the brutal and illegal occupation of Afghanistan. A topic for discussion during Clinton’s trip will be to discuss a possibly co-ordinated military stance. The military strategy is being called “maritime security”; a vain attempt to pass off military aggression as a defensive measure. The point of this so-called security will be to control and block large shipping lanes important for Chinese exports in the South China Sea. Quite possibly the US is planning an embargo against the world’s largest exporter.

On the other side of the world US President Barak Obama is starting a three day trip to India in hopes of bringing it to the US side of the currency war. Support for the US among middle class and the poor is very weak, and more are beginning to think that China would be a much better ally. China at least doesn’t interfere with Indian policy. Much of the ruling class in India is not too fond the US attempt to dump its crisis onto the rest of the world, including India.

The US has been very supportive of India’s rising power, even allowing them to be one of the largest purchasers of US weapons systems. In the last few years they have also begin conducting military exercises together. The message is clear, remain close with Washington and not Beijing, or else.

It is also widely believed that the US will be pushing for India to have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. This comes not long after fighting to make sure Venezuela did not get one.

The situation over the currency conflict is quickly getting out of hand. The US is pulling out all stops to force everyone else to pay for its recession. China will not stand by while it is bullied by the world’s super power; the Chinese are very adamant in saving face more than lives. This situation has a great deal of potential to break out into a world war. If this happens it will be America’s fault, because the capitalists are unwilling to deal with the consequences of their system.

It is the position of the Maoist Rebel News to stand in solidarity with the Chinese people against US aggression. Here’s a piece of advice for the US economic and political elite: Mess with the dragon, you get burned.

One thought on “US Pressuring Australia and India against China

  1. Allow me to say this in the most rational way available:

    Fuck the US.
    Fuck their foreign policy.
    Fuck Obama.
    Fuck their hatred for China.

    And most of all…

    Fuck Capitalism.

    While we’re aware that both the US and China are Capitalist, it’s the US who is trying to decide how other people should run their countries.

    As a half-Chinese man, I have to say that if there ever is a World War III, I am going to stand up and protest.

    At this point, fuck anyone who hates China, fuck their support for the US and fuck their fucking hatred for Communism.

    It’s really REALLY hard for me to tolerate Capitalism any longer.

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