New Zealand Joins Anti-China Coalition

Between November 4th and 6th Hillary Clinton was in New Zealand visiting Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully. The two countries have been at odds over foreign policy for 25 years since New Zealand passed anti-nuclear legislation. Since that time the US has refused to have any real dealings with the nation.

However that has all changed now that China has risen in influence throughout the region. Lately the US has been grabbing up allies against China in a bid to pressure the Asian giant into revaluating its currency.

The two nations have signed the “Wellington Declaration” bringing New Zealand into agreement with the US’s aggression against China. The two countries now have a working military relationship again. The deal focuses on political-military talks and nuclear non-proliferation.

This means the creation of a new join military program with the US. This deal will include officer exchanges and full blown military exercises. It is clearly a new ally in the Pacific region. What military power New Zealand can produce for a very possibly coming conflict with China I do not know. What is known is that Clinton is pushing for an extension of New Zealand SAS operating in Afghanistan.

No matter how this is supposed to look like a repair in foreign relations between the two countries, this is about aggression and isolation of China. A line is being drawn in the world between the two camps; this is usually a precursor to a World War.