Canada Possibly Bombed Own Oil Pipes

National police in Canada have called off the search for a suspect who has been attacking US oil suppliers in the country. In the past two years an unknown assailant has been attacking gas pipelines in Western Canada. This person has blown up six gas installation in those two years.

The first pipeline was attack in October 2008. Before the event a threatening letter was sent to corporate officials and media outlets demanding the EnCanada shut down operations that endanger families and the environment.

The police have had so little luck in finding the saboteur that the company EnCanada has offered a 1 million dollar reward for any information leading to a conviction on the matter. So for no one has come forward with any information. Thus far the police are calling it “domestic terrorism”.

The case was so serious it was placed in the hands of Integrated National Security Enforcement Team. This team included a sniper who was brought back from Afghanistan just for the manhunt.

However many people in the area believe that the pipeline bombs were a false flag operation. This may seem like a conspiracy theory but police have been found destroying Alberta Energy Company sites in the past. During Operation Kabriole, the police bombed that oil producer to gain credibility for an informant.

As few know, Alberta Energy Company merged with PanCanadian to make EnCanada.

“Internal documents from Canadian security forces marked ‘confidential’ obtained by Al Jazeera through an Access to Information request, show that Canada’s western provinces, Alberta and British Columbia, both of which are petroleum exporters, could benefit from a ‘market psychology of fear’ and ‘geopolitical premium on oil prices’ which increases energy revenues when threats against the industry are made by ‘terrorists’.”

Another piece of information that seems straight out of US history, Prime Minister Steven Harper is the son of an accountant with Imperial Oil and he is from the oil exporting heartland of Canada.

I personally do not know if these attacks are a false flag operation intended to manipulate the market, but it is very possible.