Indonesia Sides with US against China

On November 9th and 10th US President Barak Obama was in Indonesia meeting with President Yudhoyono to cement a agreement against China. It appears there is a new ally against China for the US aggression. The coalition of countries against China is growing day by day and escalates tensions.

Earlier Gary Locke had made an agreement with the Indonesian government for educational and infrastructure development. America has agreed on $165 million US for student exchange programmes and $136 million for climate change projects. The US could also be looking to increase their imports from Indonesia as a measure of gaining a stronger hold on the nation. Previously it was the US who received more of their exports, now China does.

Chinese companies are also interested in investing in electricity, coal and gas projects. China’s largest offshore oil producer CNOOC will exceed $5.6 billion by 2011.

Military co-operation deal was also signed between the two nations. Several issues were dealt with, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping and disaster response. They even lifted a US military ban on the Kopassus special forces unit because of all the atrocities carried out in East Timor. Which is frightening; if the US military says the Kopassus are too brutal that’s really saying something.

The US conducted a military coup in 1965 that killed over a million people in order to eliminate the Communist Party there.

But the main reason for new strategic military alliance is Indonesia’s location near Malacca Strait, an extremely important trade route for Chinese exports.

It seems most likely that the US has a new ally against China in Indonesia.

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