Mosque-ish Church Protested in Arizona

Maoist Rebel news fans Arizona is in the news again for something stupid. Apparently there is this big, huge protest action over the building of a church. Why would a racist xenophobic Christian fundamentalist community such as Arizona have a problem with a church being built?

Well apparently this church needs to be stopped because it looks too much like an Islamic mosque. This church called “The Light of the World multidenominational church” features a dome in the middle of the structure. Of course, therefore it must be a Mosque.

To combat this new height of Islamophobia the church has place a sign on the building saying that the structure is not a Mosque.

“It is unfortunate that people are so intolerant to differences that they aren’t willing to see that the place of worship is not a mosque,”

said Tayyibah Amatullah of the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Arizona chapter. (Jesus she must have a difficult job.)

Arizona has such a very recent history of persecuting people. Has the xenophobia now gotten so out of control that they now attacking each other in order to have something to be scared of?

Why is it that every time I hear about some insane seemingly random idiocy come out of the United States, its Arizona. Why? Why is Arizona the home to seemingly craziest people in the world. The people who attempted to give America official mandatory racial profiling, sending kids home with a note telling the parents that the kid is fat and threatening to kill pregnant immigrant women by posing their due dates and home addresses or blow up the Oklahoma City Building. Why is this monstrous idiocy seemingly always coming out of Arizona?

The dome structure doesn’t even come from Islam. The dome shape that now dominates Mosques comes from a church, it was from Audosophia Constantinople. When the Turks conquered Constantinople they turned that church into a Mosque. It was that which led to Mosques being built with domes all over the world.

Is Arizona so badly hit by the recession that the only thing they have to export is fail?