WikiLeaks: PayPal, China-Google and Mexican Drug Dealing

In a further attack on the freedom fighting of WikiLeaks, PayPal has joined the efforts of the fascists who wish to keep government and business crimes secret. PayPal has cut off all WikiLeaks accounts disrupting all efforts to collect donations.

PayPal has made a blog post claiming that they have cut off WikiLeaks and Julian Assnage because he violated the terms of service. According to PayPal they used their service for illegal purposes.

Media freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders on Saturday condemned the move as a blatant attack on freedom of speech… The statement is considered to be correct.

It is obvious that PayPal is a lackey of the elites who wish to keep their secrets from public knowledge. PayPal should be recognized for the supporters of fascism they are.

* * *

According to new information coming from the leaked US cables, US officials believe that a single member of the Chinese politburo is responsible for numerous attacks on Google.

As you may remember, in January 2010 Google claimed that the Chinese government was hacking the email accounts of human rights activists. As a result Google moved its Chinese-language operations off the mainland in protest of censorship.

Myself and others thought the move was hypocritical given that Google agreed to the censorship of its search engine in order to do business in China. Proving that private enterprise and the market provide freedom of speech.

Its claimed that a single member of the politburo was offended by his name showing up in a few criticisms. I personally don’t think this to be true given all the things capitalist China is guilty of. This is very small a petty, complete unworthy of retaliation. Another claims that an unnamed “well-placed contact” says that’s the reason.

Another more likely reason was mentioned in the cables. China has become very concerned about Google Earths uncensored display of Chinese territory. I personally believe this to be the real reason, it makes so much more sense than someone simply throwing a fit. After all China is no more upset about having its land exposed than Dick Cheney was about his house being exposed.

Let’s get something clear, I’m not defending the government of China. And I have to this it because too many idiots see the word Maoist and think that’s what present-day capitalist China is.

* * *

In a new revelation by leaked cables, the US does not believe that Mexico is capable of winning the battle against drug dealers. They believe the drug cartels are too “sophisticated” and that the Mexican military is incapable of handling them.

Here are some excerpts from the cables:

“The military was not trained to patrol the streets or carry out law enforcement operations… It does not have the authority to collect and introduce evidence into the judicial system. The result: arrests skyrocketed, prosecutions remained flat, and both the military and public have become increasingly frustrated… Prosecution rates for organized crime-related offenses are dismal; two percent of those detained are brought to trial.”

This information and more of it is very critical of the Mexican government and its capabilities.

* * *

Before I end this video I’d like to say that I intend to keep up with all the revelations from the leaked cables. Keep watching the Maoist Rebel news to hear more.

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