WikiLeaks: Afghan War, Al-Jazeera, Venezuela, Georgia, Lebanese, Yemen and the Thermonuclear Device

This WikiLeaks awesomeness just doesn’t stop. Julian Assnage has given us the gift that just keeps on giving. God bless that man. It has now been revealed by the leaked cables that the European union doesn’t believe that NATO can win the war in Afghanistan.

Herman Van Rompuy, president-designate told the US ambassador to Belgium:

“Europe is doing it and will go along out of deference to the United States but not out of deference to Afghanistan… No one believes in Afghanistan any more. But we will give it 2010 to see results. If it doesn’t work, that will be it because it is the last chance. And if a Belgian gets killed, it would be over for Belgium right then.”

NATO and the US have sustained heavy losses during the nine-year conflict in Afghanistan and there are very few signs that the violence is slowing.

More than 670 foreign soldiers have been killed this year, according to a count based on figures kept by the independent website. That figure is up from 2009 when 521 were killed.

* * *

Another new target from the leaked cables is Al-Jazeera. According to US embassy cables in Qatar, Al-Jazeera has altered its news network to report in favour of the Qatar government.

Al Jazeera in responded Sunday:

“This is the US embassy’s assessment, and it is very far from the truth. Despite all the pressure Al Jazeera has been subjected to by regional and international governments, it has never changed its bold editorial policies which remain guided by the principles of a free press.”

Honestly I’ve read Al-Jazeera everyday for like a year and I’ve not noticed any difference in their reporting.

* * *

US cables on Venezuela have been released to the public as well. The US Embassy in Caracas claimed that Venezuela had “usurping funds from the public hospital system”. The cable was made by a US ambassador and it contained sources that came entirely from right wing anti-Chavez sources.

This guy claims that the Venezuelan health care system was now poor. However the hard facts show that all Venezuelans have access to quality, free healthcare, from the preventive care level, up to complex, high-tech treatments and interventions.

The US Embassy cables called Venezuela and Cuba the Axis of Mischief. It screamed “red scare” and claimed of a Cuban communist takeover. Their main target was the co-operation of the Cuban and Venezuelan governments.

The documents also called for an increase in propaganda against Chavez.

* * *

It has now been revealed by the WikiLeaks release that Russia did not invade Georgia earlier this year. Not only that, but the US government knowingly lied about the fact broadcasting that Russia was the aggressor.

The cables show that the American embassy knew Georgia was “deploying troops to positions in Georgian territory to the south of the Zone of Conflict [the disputed boundary between Georgia secessionist area]”

A cable shows that US embassy watches witnessed 30 government-owned buses “carrying uniformed men heading north” towards South Ossetia the day of the Georgian attack.

“The cable contained no evidence that the Ossetian attacks after the cease-fire had actually occurred and played down the only independent account, which came from military observers in Tskhinvali from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.”

* * *

In what was shocking to me, the government of Lebanon gave Israel advice on how to fight and defeat Hezbollah. Lebanon’s defence minister offered advice to Israel in 2008. Jesus, way to sell out your brothers.

Elias Murr, the defence minister of Lebanon, advised not bombing any Christian areas because it would cause the public to turn against them.

“Murr told us that Israel would do well to avoid two things when it comes for Hezbollah… One, it must not touch the Blue Line or the UNSCR 1701 areas as this will keep Hezbollah out of these areas… Two, Israel cannot bomb bridges and infrastructure in the Christian areas.”

Well I guess at this point I can say Elias Murr can go to hell.

* * *

In December 26, 2009 there was a cable from the US embassy in Sana, Yemen which asked the Obama administration to deny US air strikes which were claimed to be aimed at the fictional Al Qaeda. The attack left dozens of civilians dead. So, basically the Yemen government asked the US to help lie to its own people… and they did.

* * *

Finally, Julian Assnage has announced that if the war against him doesn’t stop its going to get worse. He has declared that he will unleash a “thermonuclear device” on the US government.

The entire 1.3 gigabyte file that has all the documents WikiLeaks has obtained is available for torrent. It is protected by an unbreakable 256-bit encryption. If the phoney sex-crime charges are not dropped, or if he is brought up on treason charges, he’ll release the encryption key.

These documents include all those that which have not been released. They also everything else that has been censored, names, addresses and details. He’ll release the names of every secret government source and everything else that has been censored.


Do it, destroy the US government and the elite once and for all!